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Working on your client's eyelash extensions requires a lot of handy tools and items. At times, a pair of extra tweezers may save you those valuable minutes of work. Just like a doctor's first-aid kit, the kit of an eyelash technician includes a bunch of essential products and some other items that may be useful along the way.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at some of these products and decide which of them are must-haves, and which of them may become a last-minute savior while working on your client's eyelashes.

Understanding The Eyelash Extensions Process

The very first thing to think about, when you build your professional eyelash extension kit, you have to understand the whole process of the eyelash extension application. Only after understanding the basics, you will be able to understand your need for these items as a professional eyelash technician. 

Eyelash extension is a beauty product that is used to elongate the length of the eyelashes. Several materials are used to manufacture these extensions. Your clients deserve only the best-looking lashes, that are made with the highest-quality materials like natural human hair, silk, or soft synthetic eyelash extensions. You can't start the eyelash application process without preparing these essential products and materials.

two eyelash extension tweezers
Photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich

#1. Lash Tweezers

Even though lash tweezers are widely used by almost every adult, you might not be aware that lash tweezers are inevitable for your professional eyelash extension kit. It is recommended that you carry at least two pairs with you. But why is it so? This is for the reason that you would require one pair while isolating the natural eyelashes from each other. One needs to pay proper attention while isolating the natural eyelashes. Only those natural eyelashes that you have selected should be tucked together. Isolation tweezers are an essential tool for the classic lash extension method. 

Now coming to the next set of tweezers you cannot afford to miss in your kit. These are lashing tweezers. There would be a situation wherein you would need to use both types of eyelashes in tandem. But you might argue what is the main reason behind these tweezers. The main purpose of using this variety of tweezers is to pick an eyelash extension and apply it. Several varieties of lashing tweezers are available in the market. These can be straight, L-shaped, or curved. If you are good and get many orders then it makes sense to invest and buy a large quantity in advance.

#2. High-quality Lashes

High-quality lashes are the base of your work. Your clientele should be charged according to the quality and availability of these materials. And, neither you nor your client would like to have any unpleasant after-effects of poor-quality material. You can easily avoid these side effects by doing thorough research on the materials you are going to choose for your client. They would wear it all day and she would identify whether you had saved extra on the lashes. 

In addition to that, cheap eyelashes can cause discomfort to the eyes or, what is worse, allergy. Thus, using a high-quality lash is the best foot forward. Furthermore, Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions are a must-have in your kit for clients who prefer a more natural and subtle look.

#3. Extension tape

How can you miss such an important constituent of your professional kit? It is the best friend that works magic when required. The quality and strength of the natural eyelashes of your clients would vary a lot on the quality of the chosen extension tape. So, you cannot rest assured that natural eyelashes will bear the weight of extensions every time you apply them. To hold some of the most stubborn eyelashes in place, especially the ones in the center of the eye, use this special tape.

Of course, your next question would be how and when the tape must be used? An extension tape must be applied before putting the lash extensions. Now, where are you going to use it? It is simple on your client's natural eyelashes. Later, the natural eyelashes would be tucked with eyelash extensions. So, the strength of the tape would ensure your eyelash extension remains unaffected. This is why it is a must-have for your eyelash extension kit.

a line of eyelash brushes

#4. Lash Brushes

The next tools are just as important for your kit as the previous items. You will have to invest in different eye brushes for your and your client's comfort. The reason why you have to have a few brushes at your disposal is that you are going to use them to brush the natural eyelashes of your client before applying for extensions. Other times, you are going to keep lashes separated from each other, or simply use them to dab the glue. A well-picked brush will be a time-saver and a life-saver in difficult situations during the application process.

#5. Primer

We often get to hear the word primer but mostly while we talk about painting and makeup. You would be amazed to know primers also have a big role to play while applying for eyelash extensions as well. This makes it a unanimous must-have for an eyelash extension kit. You might question why the primer is used? Primer ensures that oil content becomes effective before applying eyelashes. 

It is instrumental in the bonding of natural eyelashes to the eyelash extension. Even if you disagree at this point in your professional career, you would still need to deliver the best service to your clientele. And that is why it is best to have the eyelash extension primer in your starter kit.

a few eyelash extension tools on a plain background

#6. Eyelash adhesive

So, we have covered a lot of useful products already. But, of course, the work can't be done without the eyelash adhesive. It is the product you can't substitute or skip while building your kit. You all must be aware of what adhesives are used during the process. It is a bonding agent between the natural lash and the false extensions. You are going to have an abundant amount of adhesive for every client. Thus, you should make sure you research well and choose the right product for your work.

#7. Silicone container for liquids

A small, silicone container comes in handy when you need to fill it up with liquid or an eyelash extension solution for your work. Alternatively, it can be used for storing used eye pads and Q-tips. Unlike traditional containers, silicone doesn't absorb odors or stains, making it a hygienic option for your liquids. After use, a simple wash with soap and water is often sufficient to maintain its cleanliness.

Some of the extras that you cannot miss are adhesive remover and eye pads. The simplest, oil-free makeup remover may also come in handy when your client forgets to take off their eye makeup. A little vase where you can throw used cotton pads, and old eyelash extensions may also be useful, so think about it as well. 

Wrapping up...

And, that's all for now. These are the most essential items you would need in your eyelash extension kit. Do deeper research on each and every product before investing in them, as it is just as important for your client as for your personal comfort. Additionally, it's crucial to stay informed about the latest trends and advancements in the eyelash extension industry. Keeping up with new techniques, products, and safety measures ensures that you provide the best service to your clients.

Lots of love,