ginger wonab with long hair is posing in a garden

Long winter months and the first months of the spring season are considered to be the dullest and most boring times of the year. Cold winter nights cover the streets of our cities in snow and during the first spring months, while nature is still asleep, the weather tends to stay chilly and windy. Sometimes all we need during this period of the year is some lively color, that will overwhelm our days with its magnificent warmth and energize weekdays. The easiest way to incorporate saturated shades in our lives is to give our locks a cheerful makeover.

But don't hurry to cut and dye your natural hair. Frequent chemical treatment and everyday styling together with chilly, windy weather can negatively impact the appearance and health of your natural hair. Especially if you have a thin and fragile hair structure. Save the beauty of your natural hair and pick a stylish virgin hair wig or extensions, which you can cut, color and style, with no harm to your head.

collage with caramel hair extensions

Vanilla Caramel

Add a sweet touch of caramel hues on your locks with Brazilian human hair of UNice hair. Chocolate brown on the roots warmed up with sunny highlights and transitioning into caramel ombré, This two-toned hair color will look incredibly beautiful on long and medium hair length. Style these hair extensions by texturing them with Hollywood beach waves.

collage with dark chocolate brown virgin hair extensions

Bitter Chocolate

Add dimension to your hairstyle with appealing bitter chocolate color. Shiny and sleek, dark chocolate hair looks very sexy and appealing. Malaysian deep wave hair bundles have an even bitter chocolate shade and thick texture. You don't need to dye it to receive a desirable chocolate shade, that looks so much like mother Gothel's tangles.

collage with black  and sleek weave hair

Ristretto Black

It is hard to call ristretto black color bright and vivid, but it is an ideal winter shade. Plus men love brunettes with cool-toned deep brown, almost black hair. Chemically unprocessed remy Brazilian curly weave with a perfectly smooth texture and posh waves is every woman's dream! Tint these weaves with a cool-toned, ristretto black dye and style the hair with a special curly wand for neat, perfectly defined curls.

collage with virgin ginger hair extensions

Ginger Cat

And finally, my favorite ginger cat hair color. Take your plain red hair to the next level with this three-toned hair weave, that reminds me of an even gingers cat's fur. dark on the roots, medium-ginger on the middle, and golden blonde on the tips, this color adds volume to the locks, creating an illusion of fuller chevelure.

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