natural hair and hair extension products by HairExtensionsBff

Long, thin hair demands constant attention and care, which can be tiring and time-consuming. Luckily, there are few hair care products, which make this uneasy task less difficult, helping to restore the good health of the hair, its natural shine, and smooth texture. As an owner of dry and thin hair, I constantly seek out new products that can tame their wild temper. Some time ago I had an awesome opportunity to test on my hair a set of hair care products and tools by best hair award 2019 nominee and winner HairExtensionsBff. The hair-reviving kit by HairExtensionsBff includes shampoo for hair extensions, conditioner, pre-wash oil treatment, and two kinds of hair combs for easy brushing.

Their products are specially developed for hair extensions because human hair extensions demand more rigorous care, but, of course, they are good for your natural hair as well. The reason why your hair extensions need extra care and attention is simple – human hair extensions aren't attached to the scalp, so they do not receive all the necessary nutrition and aren't coated enough in natural oils. 

As a result, human hair extensions may feel dry and matted over time. However, HairExtensionsBff has developed a special nourishing formula, which carefully removes product and oil buildup, keeping both natural hair and hair extensions looking healthy, shiny, and simply delightful.

natural hair and hair extension products by HairExtensionsBff

HairExtensionsBff Hair Extensions Shampoo*

I would like to start with the most important product in any hair care routine - shampoo. Hair extension shampoo by HairExtensionsBff was specially designed for your human hair extensions, but it works just as well on natural hair. The second main ingredient on the list is Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, which has greater solubility than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This ingredient removes leftover products and gets rid of old sebum (natural oil, produced by the scalp). The shampoo has the sweetest scent of vanilla extract, which stays in the hair for a few more days, and a subtle honey-like texture.

natural hair and hair extension products by HairExtensionsBff

HairExtensionsBff Hair Extensions Conditioner*

Among all of the most important things I would take with me to the desert island, the number one item would be a hair conditioner. I don't imagine a regular hair wash day without a generous dose of a moisturizing hair conditioner. After washing your hair or hair extensions with shampoo it is essential to replenish the moisture balance and HairExtensionsBff conditioner performs this task fantastically.

natural hair and hair extension products by HairExtensionsBff

HairExtensionsBff Pre-shampoo Oil Treatment*

One of the most interesting products from the HairExtensionsBff kit is a pre-shampoo or pre-wash treatment. To be honest, I haven't heard of or used a pre-wash treatment on my hair before, but after researching this product, I understand the idea behind it. If natural hair is regularly coated with sebum, human hair extensions do not receive the necessary amounts of these protective oils. This may result in a dry and lifeless hair extension appearance.

 To avoid this problem, use the HairExtensionsBff Pre-shampoo treatment designed to revive the shiny appeal and smooth texture. There are two kinds of packs: one with two sachets and one with eight sachets for prolonged treatment. One dose of such reviving elixir contains only natural ingredients and oils such as Coconut, Sweet Almond, Olive, Avocado, and Sunflower. 

Before the application, warm the sachet between the palms of your hands to melt the oil and coat the mid-length of your hair and tips in it. Leave the treatment in for 30 minutes and wash your hair or hair extensions as usual with the HairExtensionsBff shampoo. Doing an at-home spa day? Then leave the treatment in for a whole night! You'll love your hair in the morning.

natural hair and hair extension products by HairExtensionsBff

HairExtensionsBff Dual Bristle Detangler And Shower Comb*

Brushing out hair tangles is the second most damaging procedure after washing both your hair and human extensions. It may seem like one brush can resolve any hair situation, but it is not always true. At times you need an extra combing session to tame the locks. Correctly chosen hair combs and brushes will drastically reduce the damage and even save your time (and nerves!), especially if you love wearing long hair extensions. 

The wide-tooth comb is an irreplaceable hair tool for tear-free brushing. The space between the comb's teeth allows the hair to go through effortlessly. This does not create any extra stress on hair follicles and cuticles. HairExtensionsBff shower comb is made of sturdy plastic and features a large hook, which allows you to save some space in the bathroom. The teeth have smooth, slightly rounded edges and do not hurt the scalp while detangling large knots. If you have curly hair or human hair extensions, use this detangler to comb through them in the shower, while the hair is still wet and covered in conditioner.

The second mandatory hair tool for long-haired beauties is a hair extension brush. In contrast to the wide-tooth comb, the detangler, densely packed with short and smooth bristles, brushes out every smaller knot left on hair, smooths out the surface of the hair, and helps during the styling process. Dual Bristle Detangler by HairExtensionsBff has two levels of bristles and it takes extra care of delicate hair extensions and long, fine hair. I love using it right after I'm done combing freshly washed, dry hair with a wide-tooth comb, to massage the scalp and bring back the shine.

natural hair and hair extension products by HairExtensionsBff

Overall, this hair shampoo and conditioner duo work wonders for my dry, bleached, and colored hair. Both hairbrush and comb made detangling a much simpler task, while pre-wash treatment brought them back to life. You can purchase these and other HairExtensionsBff products directly on the website, plus you can find additional information that will help you take better care of your hair extensions on their blog.

And, of course, I want to express my gratitude to HairExtensionsBff for sending me these awesome products. My hair is thankful and happy to try them out. Since I've started using them every week, my lifeless hair feels so much softer and even looks better. And what about you, lovelies? Do you wear hair extensions? If so, what are your favorite hair care products at the moment?

Lots of love,