fashion collage with Morticia Addams looks and makeup

Ah, Halloween!.. One of the most cheerful, and gloomiest celebrations that have ever existed. It is a peculiar paradox, don't you think? As much as everyone loves this party, not everyone is ready to DIY their own, unique Halloween costume. Only if there was a fascinating, irresistible, and iconic character with a very recognizable, but low-key look...And there is! She is a seductive and soft-spoken matriarch of the most famous TV family – Morticia Addams.

A few years ago, I already posted a similar guide on how to dress up like Wednesday Addams. I thought it would be a good idea to continue this tradition and prepared a similar guide on the iconic Morticia Addams. Her sleek, black dress and classic makeup look have left a long-lasting impression on the face of the fashion industry. Moreover, I believe her look could serve as a fantastic last-minute Halloween costume. It will work especially well if you already have long, black hair. How do these ideas sound? Let's take a look!

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Who is Morticia Addams, or What is She?

Morticia is a fictional character created by Charles Addams. She appeared for the first time in a newspaper cartoon and had no name. Morticia is a  mother and wife, but, most importantly, she is a woman! A woman's woman. 
"The real head of the family ... low-voiced, incisive and subtle, smiles are rare...ruined beauty ... contemptuous and original and with fierce family loyalty..."
Her character is described as a witch, and this wonderfully goes with the way Morticia looks and behaves. She is slim and pale and has long straight black hair. In one of the TV episodes, she is wearing a conical hat, which is often associated with witches, astronomers, and holidays like Halloween or Samhain.

fashion collage with Morticia Addams looks and makeup

What does Morticia Addams Wear?

Morticia Addams is a very popular character. She was portrayed by various actresses, musicians, and celebrities. Therefore, her image has slightly changed over time. However, Morticia's iconic dress always looks the same. I believe it must be called in her honor – the Morticia Addams dress! It is long, sleek, and figure-fitting. A deep v-neck cut emphasizes the long neck and décolleté area, making the dress a real eye-catcher! It features a long flare sleeve and a tight gown cinched at the bottom, forming a squid-like shape. Is it even possible to walk in this thing? For the sake of comfort, you'll probably want to find a similar, but alternative black dress. Something more comfortable and less restricting.

In the original cartoon, Morticia doesn't seem to wear any jewelry on her neck. But, in the Addams Family series from the '60s Morticia (portrayed by Carolyn Jones) wears a string necklace with a teardrop-shaped crystal pendant. Sometimes she wears a large ring with a stone on her ring finger.

Morticia Addams's jewelry in the Addams Family movies from the '90s seems more abundant. Sometimes she rocks a pair of earrings with palm-like charms. Her ring collection seems to grow larger: now she wears silver rings with large stones and a ring with a cross design. All I can say is that her style is Gothic AF!

sophie turner Joe Jonas as moticia and gomez addams on halloween party

Morticia Addams Makeup and Hair

Her makeup and hairstyle also change over time. But the concept of cold sleekness and gothic charm stays unchanged! In the old movies, she wears nude eyeshadow, preferring to emphasize her eyes with long, curly eyelashes. Lash extensions or a pair of false lashes come in handy when you need to create an effect like that.

In the animated series, Morticia wears charcoal black or navy blue smokey eyes and deep-set eyes, and black matte lipstick on her thin lips. Her eyebrows also seem to be tweezed according to the old Holywood fashion. But, my favorite look Morticia wore in The Addams Family movies from the '90s was when she smoothly pulled off a bluish-gray cut crease with a small flicked eyeliner. For the lips – a touch of classic red lipstick. And on her almond-shaped nails red nail polish. Catherine Zeta-Jones' Morticia wears a purple-based burgundy lipstick instead of red, which fits with the character just as well.

Thankfully, for all Addams Family fans, her style seems to be completely approachable. The biggest challenge is the dress because you'll need to find something comfortable, yet similar. A pair of stiletto heels or, maybe, knee-high combat boots? Why not? Who knows what's going on underneath that cinched gown? Still, flats seem to be the comfiest option, if you are going to party in the Morticia Addams costume. 

Morticia's hair stays almost the same. To get her hair look you'll need to part your hair in the middle and straighten it. If you prefer an old-timey feel you can create smooth, large waves. Daryl Hannah also wears a large wavy wig at the Addams Family Reunion. Of course, you can always opt for a black, straight wig, which you can style in any way you like!

Morticia and Gomez Addams costumes for Halloween

Morticia Addams and Gomez are two wonderful and recognizable characters. This makes them two excellent Halloween choices for couples. Did you know that their relationship is considered one of the healthiest ever portrayed on the screen? We can take more than just fashion tips from this hot couple! If their costumes are your definite choice this year, try the recreation of their memorable tango from the movie. Morticia wears a floor-length sequined dress and Gomez a matador-inspired look. 

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