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Wednesday Addams Halloween Outfit Inspiration

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Baby doll dresses are my all time obsession, even thought I`m not so brave to wear them on a daily basis. But I have finally decided that my 2016 All Hallows Eve costume of choice will be an interpretation of a Wednesday Addams Outfit, featuring a gorgeous little black dress with white collar. This iconic dress have become so popular since the `Addams Family` cartoon was launched, that it became strongly associated with the Wednesday`s character and now it`s known by her name. I`m literally in love with this simple and sophisticated outfit, so today I`ve decided to look up some fashion items and accessories to complete Wednesday`s look with a help of Zaful store.

Basically all you need for this costume is a  little mini dress and a few Gothic accessories. If you don`t have a dress with a peter pan collar you can always wear a collared shirt underneath the dress. Style your hair into two braided pigtails and the look is done. Still searching for a creepy, stylish and feminine costume for Halloween? Dress up like Wednesday Addams!

Lots of love,

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