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Wednesday Addams and her iconic black dress with a white collar have inspired thousands of fans to dress up this way. It is hard to imagine a Halloween party without at least one 'reproduction' of this iconic Gothic fashion style. If you are a fan of the Addams Family franchise and look for a simple, yet recognizable character to inspire your last-minute Halloween costume, then welcome to my post.

Who is Wednesday Addams?

In the original cartoons illustrated by Charles Addams, Wednesday Addams is a sensitive and grim child with a love of poetry and all things black. Wednesday never smiles and is strongly interested in the death subject. Her looks change from one adaptation to another TV adaptation, but a few things are always left unchanged – Wednesday's braids, and a classic white collar.

How to Dress Up Like Wednesday Addams for Halloween? 

If you plan to re-create Wednesday Addam's outfit for the Halloween party, you'll need one basic and the most recognizable piece. It is a simple black dress, which you will use to build your Halloween look. Of course, finding the black dress with a collar would be ideal, but you can simply add a 'detachable Peter Pan collar to the neckline of your black dress.

A pair of black lace-up oxfords would be perfect for Wednesday's outfit, but if you want to add a little twist, or simply couldn't find matching oxfords, you can substitute them with a pair of black combat boots. If you happen to have knee-high lace-up boots, they will also work with the little black dress. To keep your legs comfy, throw a pair of classic black stockings under the booties. 

  • Jewelry & Accessories:

Remember other accessories and jewelry. According to Addam's Family fandom, Wednesday's hobby is to breed spiders. So, how about two cute spiders in your ears? A simple, Gothic choker with a pendant, or maybe a chain with a 'poison' labeled bottle. Decapitated plastic doll, perhaps? Sounds like a very fitting range of accessories for this character. 

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How to Do Wednesday Addams Makeup?

Finish up your Wednesday's-inspired look with fitting makeup. Of course, in most movies, Wednesday had a makeup-free face, but some no-makeup makeup look or dramatic smokey eye look with nude lips would fit the purpose.

1. Start by creating a flawless base. Apply a matte foundation that matches your skin tone and concealer to cover any imperfections. Wednesday's skin is pale, so avoid any bronzer or contouring.

2. Next, focus on the eyes. Wednesday's most striking feature is her intense, smoky eye makeup. Begin by using a black eyeshadow as a base, covering your entire eyelid and blending it up towards your brow bone. Extend the black eyeshadow along your lower lash line as well. To add depth and dimension, blend a deep burgundy or plum eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid and along the lower lash line, creating a subtle halo effect.

3. Now, it's time for the eyeliner. Use a black liquid or gel eyeliner to create a thick, dramatic winged eyeliner look. Make sure to extend the wing slightly downwards for that eerie touch.

4. Wednesday's lashes are dark and voluminous. Apply a few coats of black mascara to your upper and lower lashes, or you can even opt for false lashes to make your eyes pop.

5. For her lips, Wednesday prefers a deep, blood-red lipstick. Choose a matte, highly pigmented lipstick in a dark crimson or burgundy shade. Line your lips carefully with a matching lip liner to ensure a precise, clean finish.

jenna ortega and christina ricci portraying wednesday addams
  • Wednesday Addams Hair

Wednesday's hairstyle is characterized by a middle part that divides her hair evenly down the center. Use a fine-toothed comb or your fingers to create a straight, clean parting in the middle of your hair. Wednesday typically wears two low, tightly secured pigtails. To create these, gather a section of hair from each side of your head just above the ears and secure each section with a small, black hair elastic. Make sure the pigtails are symmetrical and positioned low on your head.

If you want to take your Wednesday Addams look to the next level, consider adding some signature accessories. She often wears black bows or ribbons at the base of each pigtail. Simply tie a black ribbon or bow around each pigtail holder to complete the look.

Wrapping Up...

Wednesday Addams is a fashion icon for many reasons. She is always put together, even in her most macabre ensembles. She knows how to mix and match patterns and textures, and she always has a unique sense of style. If you're looking to dress up like Wednesday Addams, follow all the fashion and makeup tips I mentioned above and have a great time!

Lots of love,