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Oh, summer, I would love you even more, if you wouldn't burn my skin, dry my hair, and melt off my makeup. Assuming you live in a hot and humid climate, like me, then you might know the unwritten rule of a summer makeup routine, which is that you should always revamp your makeup essentials for the upcoming summer season. But, if you don't know where to start, then you'll find the following summer makeup tips very useful. They will help you have fun in the sun without worrying about your summer makeup look.

  • Go Light

Heavy-duty makeup products are loaded with mineral oils and have a double chance of sliding off your skin. That's why you should consider lightweight summer makeup products instead of their full-coverage variations. Hydrating BB cream (like Maybelline's Dream Pure BB), tinted moisturizers (like Tarte's Amazonian Clay Cream), and tinted lips instead of heavy-loaded pouts should be your best makeup friends all summer round. 

And, of course, you should never forget about sunscreen. It is a mandatory summer skincare product, which you can't forget to apply before going out. Hunt for a tinted, oil-free sunscreen moisturized (Balm Shelter by The Balm) and you won't even need foundation or BB cream.

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  • Go Natural

A subtle, almost imperceptible natural makeup look is the only possible makeup option in the summer ardor. Theatrical eyelashes, full-coverage foundation, and layers of creamy blush and lipstick are definitely going to melt off your face once you go out on the street. However, even the most featherweight makeup products may feel overwhelming, when the sun is heating them up on your skin.

To disburden your gentle facial skin on days like this, use all-in-one, versatile makeup products like this banana powder. Fine, the matte powder can be used to set your foundation, or on its own to highlight your face and conceal small imperfections. As a result, you'll have a smooth, summer-approved base for your makeup look. 

  • Go Matte

Another useful makeup tip for summer heat is using matte finishes, instead of shiny shimmer and glitter. Of course, sparkling makeup attracts and reflects summer sunlight in a very attractive manner, but it also adds an unnecessary shine to the surface of the skin, which you don't necessarily want for an oily skin type. Try to stay away from sparkling makeup textures for this period of the year. 

Instead, go for a matte eyeshadow, that will not only even out any skin imperfections but also absorb unwanted moisture and make a great daytime summer makeup look.

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  • Go Oil-free

In the summer even the driest skin types may experience excessive skin oiliness, especially in the T-zone area. It happens because heat promotes oil production in your sebaceous glands, making the surface of your skin greasy. To prevent an oil build-up, stock up with special skincare products, which will cleanse and mattify your skin. 

Cleansers and toners with salicylic acid will help with this task a lot, as they can enter the pore and cleanse it from the inside. La Roche-Posay skincare brand has a line for acne-prone skin with salicylic acid. Of course, during the hot period of the year opt for oil-free makeup products. Oil-free primers and foundations not only make your skin appear fresh and velvety but also continue to absorb excess skin oil throughout the whole summer day.

  • Go Waterproof

And, lastly, if you love wearing makeup in the summer, then waterproof makeup products should be essential inhabitants of your summer makeup bag. Special water and sweat-proof formulas will ensure your makeup will last all day long without smudging or creasing, even if you plan to dive in the ocean or splash with your friends in the pool. 

It is especially recommended to use waterproof makeup products if you live in a hot and humid climate, as nothing but staying makeup products can beat the weather's impact on your summer beauty. Inglot, Make Up For Ever, and even Wet-n-Wild have a bunch of great waterproof variants for every taste.

Summing up...

Whether you plan an exotic vacation, or you are going to spend your summer in the city, I hope that these simple heatproof makeup tips will help your makeup stay in place, even when the weather is too hot to handle. Do you have some useful makeup tips that help you look your best in the summer? I'll be glad to listen to summer beauty advice from you, lovelies. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section. I'll talk to you all very soon!

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