a close-up picture of a closed banana powder by brand essence on a plain background

Hey, everyone! How often do you buy new, previously never tried makeup products? In recent years I find myself doing this rarely, even if the product is hyping. For example, I have never tried a super-trendy banana powder. Do you remember how popular it was just a few years back? Though, some time ago, I received Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder as a gift from my lovely sister. Isn't it a great excuse to write yet another makeup review for my blog? 

a close-up picture of an opened banana powder by brand essence on a plain background

What is Banana Makeup Powder?

Unlike a regular translucent banana powder or pressed setting powder, the banana powder is usually very fine. It has a subtle light yellow shade and silky texture. Banana powder is applied under the eyes to set concealer and correct the under-eye area. Of course, you can use this powder to set other areas of your face.

The cute name 'banana powder' comes from its pale yellow color, which reminds the color of the banana fruit. This shade is considered to be universally flattering, as it is very light, and gives almost no color payoff. 

One of the earliest mentions on the internet of banana powder as a makeup product was the year 2012, but I couldn't find the exact origin of techniques connected with this product. And a few years later, around January of 2015, the beauty world went crazy over Ben Nye's loose banana powder. Of course, it is all thanks to Kim K and her makeup artists

a close-up picture of an opened banana powder by brand essence on a plain background

Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder

Essence is an incredible cosmetic brand. It combines the best of both worlds: affordability and high quality. And, plus these distinguished properties, Essence makeup brand is cruelty-free. I'm a loyal fan of this brand and have tested and reviewed a lot of Essence products on my blog. 

Brighten Up! powder by Essence comes in a sturdy plastic case with a simple text design. For the approximate price of $ 4.99, you'll get 9 g./0,31 oz. of the powder. Sounds like a good deal, isn't it? The product is vegan. It has no parabens or gluten in the formula. Two main ingredients in the list of Essence Banana Powder are mica and talc. The third ingredient on the list is Magnesium Myristate. It contributes to the overall smoothness and oil absorbency of the powder. The product has no bright fragrance to it, just a very faint mineral aroma. 

The texture of the banana powder is non-chalky but very smooth and silky. The coverage is lightweight and feels like you have nothing on the skin. Because of the matte finish, it may still emphasize dry patches and other imperfections of the skin. To avoid creasing I like to apply concealer and powder a bit lower than the place where natural wrinkles are situated.

a close-up picture of an closed banana powder by brand essence and makeup brush

How to Apply Banana Powder?

The most popular makeup technique in which banana powder participates is a well-known 'baking' technique.  It is when you apply an abundant amount of the powder on top of certain areas of your face to set foundation and concealer. However, this application method is sometimes considered a bit too heavy on the skin. 

Still, there are other ways to apply banana powder to the face. You can evenly apply a thin coat of powder all over your whole face. Use your favorite powder brush, makeup sponge, or a regular powder puff to do this. Once applied, give it a minute to absorb oil, and dust the extra product away.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder is an excellent makeup product with a fair quality/price ratio. It sets, mattifies and color corrects the skin, all in one easy step. This powder is great for both makeup professionals and makeup lovers, as it wonderfully executes the job. The 'banana' shade is versatile, fitting every complexion. Once applies, it settles down to a natural tone of your skin. 

Do you use banana powder to set your makeup? What is your favorite brand?

Lots of love,