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I don't know about you, lovelies, but I'm a huge DIY skincare fan. I love trying old-fashioned recipes and don't mind creating my very own facial masks from scratch. It is super easy and fun, plus brings a ton of benefits for the skin. Whether it is a cleansing strawberry mask for oily skin or a low-key cucumber toner. Here are my top five simple, but nonetheless, working skincare recipes you can try to DIY today.
Disclaimer: Please, be advised that some of the following skincare recipes may contain ingredients with allergens. If you are allergic, make sure to consult your doctor before applying them to your skin.

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1. DIY Strawberry Mask For Oily Skin

For the first skincare mask, you'll just need a bunch of fresh strawberries. But them in your nearest supermarket, or simply pick them n your garden. Put your strawberries in a bowl and quick them with a fork to get a smooth texture. Apply your handmade strawberry mask on your face for 10-15 minutes, and rinse it off with cool water. The natural acid in strawberry juice will cleanse your skin, reducing oiliness and blackheads.

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2. DIY Chamomile Ice for Irritate Skin

Chamomile is a well-known natural ingredient that calms down irritations, heals inflammations, and soothes skin. You can grow your own chamomile or buy some dry flowers in a pharmacy. To make your own chamomile ice, you'll need to brew some chamomile for 15-20 minutes and let it cool. After it is cooled, put the brew in an ice cube mold and let it freeze in the fridge. Use the chamomile ice each morning after you cleanse your face to calm your skin. Chamomile is hypoallergenic and can be safely used by anyone.

a collage with cucumber, sour cream and olive oil on a plain background

3. DIY Refreshing Cucumber Mask for All Skin Types 

The next homemade mask is also for all skin types. It is made of freshly sliced cucumbers and used to refresh the skin, reduce pigmentation and irritations. First, cleanse your face with your favorite mild cleanser, use a slice of cucumber to slowly massage your face. If you have a dry skin type and need some moisture, add a few drops of olive oil or light sour cream. Leave such mask for 5-10 minutes, wash it off with cool water. And you'll instantly get glowing, fresh skin.

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4. DIY Gentle Scrub For Lips

The cold time of the year always brings dry lips patches and peels. To make your lips soft again, use this simple homemade recipe: a mixture of Vaseline (petroleum gel) and fine white sugar. Mix the ingredients together, and gently rub it on your lips. This gentle lip scrub will remove the olf skin cells of your lips. Afterward, use your favorite refreshing lip balm, and your lips will be soft again.

a cup of tea in a glass cup with cotton pads

5. Tea Against Dark Under-eye Circles 

Concealing under-eye circles is a great last-minute hack. But did you know that a strong tea can reduce their appearance? All you need to do is to brew a bit of strong black tea. After it is cooled down, soak a pair of cotton pads in the tea, and put it on top of your eyes. Black tea is rich in caffeine, so it will tone and refresh the area around your eyes.

These five old-fashion skincare recipes were all tested by me, and I can guarantee amazing results. There is nothing like a cucumber ice cube on a hot day or a black tea soak after a sleepless night. I hope these simple recipes will help your skin to feel and look great too. And, if you are interested to learn more natural skincare remedies, that you can DIY at home, don't forget to check them out in my previous post.

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