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Homemade Recipes For Flawless Skin

There are lots of cheap and useful recipes for skin that you can do at home. It is easy to prepare them and everyone can find ingredients at home. I want to share some recipes which I learned from my mom and granny:) Hope it will be also useful for you.

1. Strawberry mask for oily skin

Everything you will need is fresh strawberry from supermarket. You just need to squeeze it and put it on your face for 10-15 mins. Make sure that you don`t have allergy. Natural strawberry juice will reduce oil and clean dirty pores.

skin care recepies

2. Chamomile ice

To reduce redness and calm down irritations and acne you can clean your face with chamomile ice. You can buy flowers of chamomile in the pharmacy. Firstly you need to mix boiled water with flowers and let this tea for 15-20 minutes. After just put it in ice cube mold and let it in the fridge. You can use it each morning, chamomile is hypoallergenic.

skin care recepies

3. Refreshing cucumber mask

This mask is good for all types of skin. It will take off extra oil and make skin more fresh. It also has whitening effect, can reduce freckles and tan. Everything you will need is to clean your face with a slice of fresh cucumber.
If you skin is dry you can add some olive oil or sour cream in squezzed cucumbers and put this mask for 10-15 mins. It is better to wash it after with cool water.
skin care recepies

4. Gentle scrab for your lips

To make your lips soft and remove old skin use a sugar peeling. You will need to mix vaseline (petroleum gel) and white sugar and rub it on your lips. After moisturize your lips with your favourite lip balm.
skin care recepies

5. Tea against dark circles

Strong tea will reduce dark circles under your eyes. You need to do a really strong black tea. Soak cotton pads in tea and put it for some time on your eyes. Would be better if you will use cold tea, it will also reduce redness from your eyes.

skin care recepies

All of this recipes I tried on my own skin and can say for sure that they helped me very much! I hope they will help your skin to look amazing too !

Lots of love,

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