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It is totally unnecessary to use expensive cosmetic brands or visit a cosmetologist, to have flawless facial skin without pimples, acne, and blemishes. You can actually craft your own beauty at home. Today I want to tell you about a few cheap and simple remedies that will help you to take good care of the skin by using products, that everyone has in the refrigerator. Before using any of these products make sure that you don't have an allergy to any of these ingredients. I'm not a cosmetologist, but each of these recipes and remedies was tested by me and other women from my family. Let's start!
Disclaimer: Please, be advised that some of the following skincare recipes may contain ingredients with allergens. If you are allergic, make sure to consult your doctor before applying them to your skin.

collage that explains a recipe for natural, homemade skin care mask with honey and sea salt

1. Natural Homemade Face Scrub with Honey & Salt

This scrub is kind of strong, so be gentle while treating your tender facial skin. It is a very good and old method to remove old and dry skin cells from your face. Skin will become very soft and smooth, right after the first usage of this scrub – salt removes the dirt from the pores and honey nourishes the skin. Don't forget to use lightweight gel toner and a nice moisturizer to calm down the skin after the honey and salt exfoliator.

collage that explains a recipe for natural, homemade skin care mask with baking soda and face wash

2. Natural Homemade Face Scrub with Baking Soda & Face Wash

This one is my mom's recipe! It is more gentle and finer than the previous one, so it is very good for those who have dry and sensitive skin types. Just add some baking soda to your favorite facial cleanser product – gel, foam, or cream and carefully rub it on your skin. Baking soda will softly exfoliate and polish the skin. Use an ice cube to calm down the redness after this procedure and a moisturizer.

collage that explains a recipe for natural, homemade skin care mask for blackheads removal with gelatine

3. Blackheads Removal Mask with Gelatine & Milk

Everyone knows that famous drugstore blackheads removal strips, it's kind of expensive to use all the time and they don`t work on my skin time. This method is very cheap and works even better than strips, try it yourself! Everything you need is to mix gelatin with milk and put it in the microwave until the gelatin melts. After it cools down, put the mask on your problematic areas – T-zone, chin area. 

When the mask gets absolutely dry, usually it takes about 15-20 minutes, carefully remove it from your face. You will enjoy the result, all the black and whiteheads will be removed. The skin is fresh and clean again! A natural green clay face mask is also a great and easy way to get rid of skin impurities.

collage that explains a recipe for natural, homemade skin care mask with for enlarged pores that has lemon and egg whites

4. Natural Skin Care Mask For Large Pores

This mask will not only clean your face but also vanish your pores. Make a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and 1 egg white and put the mask on zones, where you have enlarged pores, and after it will dry wash the face with warm water. The result will not be immediate, but after a few procedures, you'll perceive the first positive changes. Areas, where the pores are larger than they should be will become less red and oily, the drastic changes won`t make you wait too long. 

collage that explains a recipe for natural, homemade skin care mask with oatmeal

5. Homemade Oatmeal Water for Acne-Prone Skin

The oatmeal water is a perfect homemade remedy for acne-prone and oily skin, but for those who fight hormonal pimples and summer oiliness of the skin, it will work as well. You will need fine oatmeal, you can buy regular oatmeal in a supermarket (without flavor and additional parts and seeds) and blend it for 3 minutes in a blender, or you can buy oatmeal flour, it will be even better. 

Add it to the warm water and mix very well, the water should become cloudy. Clean your face and wash it using this water. Oatmeal water will remove excessive skin oiliness, clean the dirt out of the pores, and mattify an oily complexion. For the best results make the oatmeal treatment a part of your daily skincare routine.


DIY natural skin care masks are a great way to nourish and pamper your skin using ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen or garden. There are so many different recipes that you can use to create a natural mask. However, tailoring them to your specific skin type works best. For the best results, use your natural skin care mask once or twice a week. You'll see the first improvements after a few first routines, I guarantee you! 

Lots of love,