collage with two face cleansers by garnier

As someone who constantly struggles with sebaceous filaments for years, I can assure you, that finding the right cleanser has been a constant quest. Those annoying black dots are all over my nose, and chin, and, occasionally, nest on my forehead. They are really hard to revive, even pore strips don't seem to work against sebaceous filaments.

Recently, I decided to give the Garnier Pure Active Oil Control Cleanser a shot, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. This Garnier facial cleanser is literally my savior! I really believe, if used regularly, the results will be impressive. Do you want to find out why? Let's find out!

woman's hand holding face cleanser by garnier

Packaging and texture

From the first squeeze, the cleanser boasts a gel-like consistency that feels cool and refreshing on the skin. The mild fragrance is invigorating, making the cleansing routine a sensory delight. What sets this cleanser apart is its oil-absorbing properties, and it doesn't disappoint! 

Upon application, the formula lathers up gently, creating a soft foam that effortlessly lifts away impurities. One of the standout features is its ability to control excess oil without leaving the skin feeling stripped or dry. This balance is crucial for those with oily skin – a cleanser that fights oiliness without compromising hydration.


The Garnier Pure Active Oil Control Cleanser boasts a carefully curated list of ingredients that contribute to its effectiveness in managing oily and acne-prone skin. At the forefront is salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid renowned for its exfoliating properties. Salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores, dissolving excess oil and dead skin cells, ultimately preventing clogged pores and breakouts. 

Next goes zinc – a mineral known for its oil-regulating abilities. Zinc helps control sebum production, promoting a matte finish without compromising the skin's natural moisture balance. 

Additionally, the cleanser features purifying eucalyptus extract, recognized for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus not only aids in preventing blemishes but also provides a refreshing sensation during each use. 

close-up shot of face wash by garnier

Final Thoughts...

In conclusion, the Garnier Pure Active Oil Control Cleanser has become a staple in my skincare routine. Its ability to balance oil control with a gentle touch has made a noticeable difference in the clarity and texture of my skin. If you're on the lookout for an affordable, effective cleanser for oily or acne-prone skin, this one is definitely worth a try. Say goodbye to excess oil and hello to a refreshed, revitalized complexion!

Lots of love,