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3 Grunge Makeup Looks

I get inspired of all those beautiful pictures on internet of stylish grunge hair styles, make ups and suburban apparel. And I got excited to create few make up looks. It is just a different variations of smoky eyes, so it`s kind easy to create these looks. I love such smoky look, because they shouldn't be perfectly made. It`s nice when smokey eyes look kind messy and dirty. I hope it will be useful for you!

make up tutorial pastel grunge smoky step by step

#1. Dark chocolate

 So the first look is a traditional smokey eyes with brown chocolate shade.

smokey eyes, grunge, black, brown smokey grunge gothic pastel

1. Start with your primer, put it all over your lids and blend it with fingers. Then line your eyes with black pencil. 

2. Go over your line with black eyes shadows. Bring your line more further out.

3. Fill your eye lids with the same black eye shadow.

4. Put a chocolate brown eyeshadows on your crease and blend it out. Transition between colors 

should be well blended. High light your brow bone with white shadows.

5. Finish with mascara and line your upper and lower water line.

#2. Purple wing

This is grunge make up with accent on the lower lid. 

purple,smokey, bottom lid trend makeup

1. Underline your eyes and create a little wing.

2. Blend the pencil with the brush

3. Put purple eyeshadows and perfectly blend it with black

4. Apply white eye pencil on the inner corner of your eye

5. Blend it together with a white eye shadow

6. Line your water line with white pencil and add mascara

You can add more eyeshadows to make your eyes look more dramatic. I also lined my upper water line with black pencil

#3. Avril Lavigne Smile

three grunge makeup looks

Everyone remembers that messy rebel make up, which Avril has in her video. It looks very grungy and dramatic, but it also easy to create.

grunge smoky eyes tutorial

1. Draw a thick line with black pencil and create a wing.

2. Put lemon green shimmering eyeshadow on a center of your lid.

3. Start to blend pencil with the brush, it should be king messy and blurry.

4. Line your upper and lower waterline and put black mascara.

Lots of love,
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