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Eye Enlarging Makeup | Step By Step Tutorial

big anime eyes tutorial big eyes makeup

Hi my beautiful angels! Recently I received a request to do an eye enlarging makeup tutorial for you, but to tell the truth I already planed to do it for you. I decided to do it without circle lenses, so everyone can recreate this look at home. Bottom eye lashes I did by myself from the regular false lashes, but you can buy them without any problem at the drugstore. So let's start sweets, I hope you will like my makeup :)

big anime eyes tutorial big eyes makeup

1. I started from eye primer and then with black eye pencil I lined my eyes, enlarging their shape;

2. The next step is to put the main light eye shadow on the center of the lid. I chose a light silver shade;

3. A little bit further then my natural outer corner of the eye I put black eye shadow and started to blend it;

4. Now I highlighted inner corner of my eye and waterline with lower lash line using white eye pencil. I also added some blue eye shadow on the corner of my blended black, to make it look more interesting;

5. Intensify eye liner with a liquid liner on the top and put false lashes;

6. Finish with bottom lashes and circle lenses if you want. If now it is better to live the bottom lashes without mascara.

big anime eyes tutorial big eyes makeup

I hope you liked my variant of eye enlarging makeup and someone will even try to recreate this look. Sure it would look better with a lenses, but even without them it works nice. If such dramatic makeup is not for you, you can go another way. Just make everything else on the face look smaller - contour your nose, make your lips look smaller. Thanks to be with me girls I wish you all a sunny day and I'll talk to you again very soon :)

Lots of love,
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