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Balea Young Mattierendes Make up & Balea Aktivierende Augenpflege | Review

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Hi, dear ladies. Today I`m going to do a very quick review of my Balea skin care products. I was so happy when I knew that  all products by Balea are vegan. Hope this post will be interesting for you.

Balea Young Mattierendes Make up
40 ml 

The first product, that I got is a creamy foundation from Balea Young seria. It comes in two shades - 01 - natural and  02 - beige. I really didn`t like to use this foundation cream. I don`t see those magical effects, which are described on Balea site. They say that Balea Young seria is antibacterial and prevents irritation. Also it gives matte finish look, but this products even didn`t absorbs in my skin. I bought beige colour, but it looks like orange on my skin. Texture looks very watery and leaves sticky feeling on my skin. But, it is just my opinion.


 Balea Aktivierende Augenpflege - under eye cream
15 ml 

And the second product  is under eye cream Balea Aktivierende Augenpflege, which I really like. It is not a cream, more like a gel with very light formula. Especially this gel will be useful for people, who have dark circles around your eyes, or this zone is very dry. It was ophthalmologically tested, so will be suitable for people, who wears circle lenses. I`m using it twice per day - in the morning and before to sleep and already forgot about dryness. The biggest advantage of Balea Young cream is SP filter, because we all know how important is to protect our gentle skin from severe sun.

under eye cream

Lots of love,
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