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Hello, ladies! Usually I don`t buy products by Avon, but before my travel I decided to buy something interesting and not expensive. So here are my products by Avon, which I bought this summer. I will do a quick review for you. I hope you`ll find it interesting.

I was very interested to try new eyeliner Always on Point, which always stays sharp, because it sharpens itself (you need just to twist the lid).  On my opinion, the idea is very cool. Eyeliner is very smooth and well pigmented, and stays all day long. 

The next one is white pencil Color Trend, I've bought it before, but now it has a new design. It doesn't irritate my eyes (I use it on a water line) and very well pigmented.

always on point color trend, color trend cosmetics review

Liquid eyeliner  Color Trend, also in a new design with green cheetah print. Good and affordable! You can draw very thin and accurate lines.

liquid eyeliner by avon review

Lip gloss "Read my lips" Color Trend - shade Angel. Shades in catalog are totally different than in real. They are more nude and transparent. But the lip gloss is very good, smells so delicious. I liked so much. Check out my full review for this lip gloss here.

lipgloss read my lips color trend review swatches
liquid eyeliner lipgloss read my lips

I've bought Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover. It doesn't have any smell at all and I really like it. This makeup remover is much better than most of other expensive variants.

eye make up remover by avon review

So the last product is Planet Spa Turkish thermal baths. The smell is so tasty! And it stays on the skin for a long time. The process of using this mask is funny - after it will dry you will look like an old witch :) Unfortunately, this mask is not so amazing. After I used it my face became red and was itching. It got better in some minutes, but I think this mask is not for sensitive and dry/normal skin.

turkish thermal baths clay mask review

I've purchased few products from Oriflame as well, check out this post here. Talk to you soon, lovelies!

Lots of love,