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Gothic Red & Black Eyes | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

red make up, eagle make up, gothic make up

Have you decided what look you are going to do for Halloween party? There are so many variants and good makeup tutorials for Halloween, so it was kind of hard to create something original and fresh. But I tried hard and created this gorgeous Gothic makeup tutorial for you my beauties. Hope someone of you will use my idea for Halloween eve, enjoy!

eagle eyes, gothic make up

1. I started from primer, which I set with a face powder. Then I filled in my eye brows. I used black eyeshadow to make the whole makeup look more dramatic;

2. Then I started to create a "black wing", using my black eye pencil. This step could be messy, it's easy to fix it in the future;

3. So the next step is to set eye pencil with black eye shadows. I winged the line out on the outer corner and made the line longer on the inner corner of my eye;

4. After I applied the dark burgundy eyeshadow on my lid. You can use red lip liner under the shadows, to make the color more intense;

5. I created a beautiful winged line on my eye, I also winged the line out of my inner corner, it was a very hard part for me:)

6. And the last steps. I put some red eye shadow under my eye and lined the water line with black pencil. Curled my lashes and put a generous coat of mascara. You can use a false lashes to finish the makeup.

red make up, eagle eyes

So now Halloween make up is done. I advise you to create a crazy black and red ombré look for your lips. If you like this Halloween tutorial follow my blog to see more interesting in the future. You can also find me on Twitter, Bloglovin or like my page on Facebook. Thank you so much for the visit I wish you a good luck and fresh ideas for Halloween. See you soon! 

Lots of love,