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Pro Palette 120 Colors # 3 | Review & Swatches

review swatches
eye shadow palette
review swatches
Hey, ladies! I know that must be everyone who are in love with makeup and beauty stuff already purchased this pro palette, but I love it so much and want to share my thoughts with you. This palette is a replica of famous BH 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 3rd Edition, it is totally the same, but costs a little less:) I hope someone will found this post useful and interesting.

I purchased this palette already few years ago and it really disappointed me. Most of the colors in that pro palette #2 were poor pigmented and even my NYX primer didn't help eye shadows to last longer and be more bright. There was many green shades, which I never even touched and many bright pink, almost of the same shade, which I also didn't use frequently. But when I saw this eye shadow palette I really fell in love with 60 beautiful smokey shades, which it includes - grey, greyish purple, smoky lavender, milky brown shades. I knew that all of these colors I will use all the time. Sure it also has some not usable shades, but I like to do experiments. This eye shadows palette will be very useful for girls, who are just trying to find their style and color match. 

So my new 120 pro palette edition #3 was much better than a previous one. All colors are very pigmented and smooth, they have a pleasant silky texture. Most of the shadows are matte, but some has a shimmer. It was a hard task to do a swatches of all 120 colors of this palette, but I did few to show how pigmented are the colors. These swatches I made without any eye shadow base. If someone of you are interested I`ll do more swatches for you, girls:) I think the same you can easily  find on amazon or ebay.

Hope you liked my review, I already did few makeup  tutorials and will do many in the future, using my pro palette. Tell me in comments if you have this or different similar palette and your opinion about it. Thanks for your visit. See you very soon again, bye bye!

Lots of love,
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