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Porcelain Doll Lips | Ombré Lips Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

Doll lips tutorial step by step tutorial blogger

Good morning, girls. How are things? I saw so many beautiful pictures of baby doll's lips on Pinterest and other sites. This trend is a beauty tip by our Chinese and Japanese beauties. I couldn't hold myself to try recreate this beautiful ombré lips. Ombré effect makes them look so cute and neat, like a real doll`s lips. I hope you will like my tutorial.

Doll lips tutorial step by step tutorial blogger

Before starting I exfoliated the skin on my lips, to make them soft and smooth. Then I primed them with face powder, to hide natural color of my lips and make my lipstick stay longer. The next step is a pink lipstick. I started to put it from the middle of my lower lip and filled them up, avoiding corners of my lips. After I started to mix the transition, using flat lipstick brush. You can also use your finger, as you prefer. And o finish I used regular lip balm, I put it with my finger to don't ruining the ombré transition. That is how I made my ombré lips.

Let me know in the comments below, if you liked this ombré lip look. And don't forget to follow my blog for more creative makeup tutorials with detailed step by step instructions. Thank you so much, lovelies, for reading my blog and I wish a good day. Talk to you very soon!

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