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Lipsticks by Essence | Review & Swatches

all about cupcake in the nude
all about cupcake, in the nude
in the nude, all about cupcake

Happy Monday, dear ladies how are you today? My Essence obsession continues and today I will tell you about two amazing lipsticks by Essence. For a very long time I wanted to try these lipsticks and, finally, I purchased two. I can`t say that I`m a great fan of lipsticks, but these two are simply amazing. 

Essence lipsticks has 16 different colors and shades of this lipstick (matte and shimmering). . My shades are #53 - all about cupcake and #52 - in the nude. The nude one is more transparent, but the cupcake is more pigmented. Colors, which I own, don`t have any shimmer, but the finish look is creamy. The nude one is semi - transparent, but the cupcake is more pigmented. And  these two colors are perfect for every day wearing. To tell the truth, these lipsticks by Essence are more like a caring lip balm,  than a lipstick, because they moisturize my lips so good. They last for about 3-4 hours and both smell like sweets, very very tasty. It is extremely comfortable to wear these lipsticks. 

Girls, did you ever try lipsticks by Essence? What can you say about them? I highly recommend Essence products for everyone! It was so nice to talk to you again, lovelies. Stay with me if you liked my blog. I`ll see you again very soon, kisses!

     Lipstick essence review swatchLipstick essence review swatch

Lots of love,
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