two lispticks by essence on a pink background

Hi, how are you today? Are you ready for another review? My obsession with all things by Essence Cosmetics continues, and I can't wait to share it with all of you! Today I have prepared a thorough test drive and swatches of these two affordable, yet gorgeous lipsticks by Essence. And, I believe, they will be useful for those of us with dry lips. Feel intrigued?

  • Packaging and formula

Let's start with the packaging. Essence cosmetics is known for its simple, yet very appealing design, and these two lipsticks also look pretty simple. The half-transparent plastic tubes rock the silver name of the brand and are colored in an opaque color that corresponds with the hades hidden in the tubes.

two lispticks by essence on a pink background

Essence lipsticks come in 16 different shades and different finishes (matte and shimmering). The shades I picked for me are called #53 – all about cupcake, and #52 – in the nude. Both of them have slightly different opacity and final look. For instance, the nude color is slightly more transparent, while the pick one has more pigment in the formula. Both lipsticks have no shimmer, but they look silky on the lips.

The creamy, caring formula of these Essence lipsticks reminds me more of a caring, hydrating lips balm. Maybe that's why I like it so much. Instead of priming your lips with Vaseline or regular lip balm, you can simply reach for this lipstick and instantly hydrate dry lips.

two lispticks by essence on a pink background

  • Color payoff

Of course, both shades (#53 – all about cupcake, and #52 – in the nude ) are perfect for everyday makeup. Colors last about 3 to 4 hours on the skin, and both feel extremely comfortable! Another cool thing I would like to mention – divine scent! These lipsticks smell like sweets or pastry, and I can't have enough of the scent! I want to reapply them on my lips all the time. Of course, to some fragrant makeup may be a turn-off, but I sincerely love it.

     two lispticks by essence on a pink backgroundtwo lispticks by essence on a pink background

Let's summarize...

Lovelies, did you ever try lipsticks by Essence? What can you say about them? I highly recommend Essence makeup and skincare products for everyone who hunts for quality and affordability. Here is the link to the official Essence website where you can check out brand-new releases and learn more about their products.

It was so nice to talk to you again! Stay tuned for more helpful makeup reviews with clear swatches and my first impressions.

Lots of love,