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Manhattan lip gloss and blush / Review and Swatches

lip gloss blush review
blush review
review swatch

Hi, girls! Summer is already over, but I so want to keep some warm memories about those hot days. So I decided, that will use just bright cosmetics in warm shades and shimmering texture. Few days ago I owned High Shine lip gloss and Powder Rouge Tender Touch blush both products by Manhattan

Powder Rouge Tender Touch
3,50 € 

So the first product I bought was Powder Rouge Tender Touch. It comes in transparent case and with a little brush to apply this blush. Sure, I will not use the brush to apply it, but it has very good quality - soft and dense. I think that brush, was made from natural hair. Powder Rouge is available in four different colours - from warm pinkish to light chocolate shade. My colour is 53 N 'fresh peach', which includes many glitter and have pleasant texture. Powder Rouge is not matte, but very shiny. It lasts on my face almost all day long, but, sure, it also depends on the foundation. By the way, this blush includes vitamin E, which is nourishing your skin during the whole day.
review blush

High Shine lip gloss
5,95 € / 5 ml

The second product, which attracted my eye was High Shine lip gloss. To tell the truth, I`m not a big fan of this lip gloss. It has very watery consistency and almost totally transparent. There are 13 shades in High Shine collection, hope other colours are more nice.  But as a moisturizer this lip gloss works very good.
review swatch

Thank you, girls, for taking time to read my blog. If you liked it, stay with me for more interesting posts. See you later ;)