BB Cream by Beauty Angel a close up picture, корейский бб крем отзывы и фото

Hi, cuties! I have never tried Korean makeup products before but heard a lot of different information about them. Some people like it a lot and leave positive commentaries and reviews on k-beauty products. Others are not a fan of Korean makeup products, so I simply had to try them myself. As my first k-beauty product, I chose the Beauty Angel BB cream for dry skin. I used it for some time, already, and now I'm ready to tell you my honest opinion. 

BB Cream by Beauty Angel is layin on the towel, корейский бб крем отзывы и фото

Beauty Angel's BB cream goes in a standard tube for creams and three shades - light beige, natural beige, and deep beige. Mine is 01 - light beige. Like any other BB creams, Beauty Angel has light coverage and moisturizing formula, which gives a very natural finish look. One of the benefits of this cream is the whitening effect. I really like to have light skin and am not a fan of tanning. So BB cream by Beauty Angel not just protects my skin from harmful sunlight, but makes my skin tone lighter.

I'm a big fan of nicely packed and good-smelling products. I know it is not the most important thing, but all the girls will agree that it's pleasant to use cosmetics which is pleasant in all ways. Don’t understand me wrong this BB cream my Beauty Angel doesn't smell bad, but the scent is too regular. I wish it had a more interesting scent.

BB Cream by Beauty Angel swatched on the skin, корейский бб крем отзывы и фото

Overall, I really liked this cream. And, sure, I recommend it for all of you girls. I`m looking forward to buying more Korean makeup products and cosmetics. Check out my Favorite BB Creams blog post and follow my blog for more k-beauty reviews and makeup tutorials. Kisses!

Lots of love,