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Makeup Mixing Palette & How To Use It? | Makeup Theory

makeup artist blogger liz breygel beauty basics

makeup artist blogger liz breygel beauty basics
makeup artist blogger liz breygel beauty basics
makeup artist blogger liz breygel beauty basics
makeup artist blogger liz breygel beauty basics

Do you love to create creative makeup look, but tired of makeup mess? Maybe you are a professional makeup artist or beauty blogger and need to invent a brand new lipstick shade or mix some foundation? Take your makeup passion on another level and stop using a back of your hand to mix your makeup products. Today we are talking all about a stainless steel mixing paw palettes and how to use them.

Stainless Steel Disinfects Itself

What is stainless steel and why it is so widely used? Stainless steel, also known as inox steel, is a special alloy of Iron with a minimum of 10.5% Chromium. This metal is well - known for its corrosion resistance abilities and therefore commonly used at medicine, food and other industries. There is no need at special sterilizing machine when you are using stainless steel tools - you can easily steam clean or sterilize them with alcohol and use them again. 

What Is Mixing Makeup Palette?

A Stainless Steel Makeup Palette is a must have tool for every makeup artist and junkie and considered a pro classic for a very long time. Whether you are are working with a client, friend or applying your makeup, stainless steel palette is always helpful. You can use it to mix a liquid makeup products, such as foundation, eyeliner and lipstick, or to mix a dry textures - eyeshadows and powders. Basically it is possible to use  all types of products  (even a special makeup effect ) as well as corrosives products. 
When you are working with a client or a model sanitary and safety comes before everything else, even your skills. Even the most clean hands contain a big amount of bacteria. That`s why using the back of your own hand is unhealthful and looks unprofessional. A clean stainless steel makeup palette provides the perfect sanitary working surface for blending makeup products.

Types Of Stainless Steel Palettes

There are a huge variety of makeup mixing palette on a beauty market and every artist can find a palette that will fit their needs. Some of the palettes are solid and come with a special `ring` or a `bracelet` this helps you to place a palette on your finger or a wrist. Other palettes come with a thumb - hole and a special wells where you can mix the liquid textures. Sizes and shapes of the palettes vary from brand to brand, but the main idea is the same - all of the palettes have a smooth surface, it is easy to clean and maintain.

How To Use?

It is very simple to use and maintain a stainless steel mixing palette, they are very durable and do not require a special storage conditions. You can take it on a photo shoot right in your makeup case, it is lightweight and does not take much space. Before and after the usage clean a surface with rubbing alcohol or simply wash it with antibacterial soap. To remove grease of the surface use a dish wash, but don`t forget to sterilize it after, because dish wash does not kill germs. Steel is magnetic, so you can also use this palette to carry a metal pans full of the makeup products.

Stainless Steel Palette* by Born Pretty Store is a full - sized mixing palette, which is 15 cm (5.9 inch) long and 10 cm (3,9inch) wide. It is big enough to use liquid and powders textures at the same time, so you don`t need to clean up the surface each time. Even though this palette is quite big, it is light and easy to work with. Steel makeup palette features a thumb hole and five 'mixing areas' for the products. I also received a dual - ended mixing spatula (15 cm long) - one side of the spatula is pointy and the end is slightly curved, while the other side rectangular with rounded edges. 

Forget an annoying habit of using the back of your hand for makeup mixing, no matter if you are a professional makeup artist, makeup lover or just learner,  stainless steel makeup palette is a must have for everyone who likes makeup. This steel makeup palette at the moment retails at $8.99 and you can receive a special 10% discount on every purchase from born pretty store if you use my special code LIZH10. Click the banner below to check out new makeup arrivals right now. Hugs & kisses :*

Lots of love,
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