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Big Anime Eyes | How To Make Your Eye Appear Bigger

liz breygel circle lens anime doll big eyes eye makeup

Eyes are the mirror of our soul, they reflect our intentions and reveal our feelings. Women with large opened eyes are especially appealing and mysterious, that's why we devote such a big importance to eye makeup. Some of us were naturally gifted with big opened eyes and luxurious eye lashes. And others needs to work a little bit harder to get the desirable anime eye effect. Today I'm going to reveal few makeup secrets you have never heard before and teach you how to make your eyes look extra huge just like eyes of anime character.

liz breygel circle lens anime doll big eyes eye makeup

Follow these easy steps to achieve an anime-like effect:

1. The very first step is to fill in your eyebrows and apply an eyeshadow primer all over the eyelid. This product will secure makeup and make it last all day long without fading and creasing.

2. The next step is absolutely optional. Apply eye enlarging circle lens and let your eyes get used to them. If necessary put a special eye drops to make your eyes feel more comfortable.

3. Now it is time to sketch the new shape for a future anime eye. Lightly apply a dramatic eyeliner with a sharp black pencil and sketch a new bottom lash line.

4. Fill in the waterline and the space between your real bottom lash line and a new lash line with a white eye pencil. Highlight the corners of your eye and brow bone with white satin eyeshadow.

5. With a help of pencil brush apply light brown matte eyeshadow a little bit higher than your natural eye crease. Fake crease will create an illusion of a bigger eye and you can use this trick in your everyday makeup as well. 

6. For the bottom lash line use a bright pink eyeshadow and blend them with a help of blending brush. This eye look is called 'blushing eyes' and it is very popular among kawaii Korean girls. And to finish up your anime eye makeup apply tiny false lashes on the bottom line and a regular lashes on the top. 

Clear And Bright Eyes

Redness can drastically reduce the beauty of your eyes and makeup. A good old eight hours of 'beauty sleep'  is the best remedy against tired red eyes. Try using cold spoons or ice cubes in the morning, this method will make your eyes wake up faster. 

White Eye Pencil 

White color can make everything appear larger. We are used to apply nude eye pencil on the lower waterline to open our eyes. But for an extra enlargement don't be shy to use a bright white pencil and take this to the whole new level. Apply white eye kohl on your bottom lash line, on the inner corner of your eyes and under the brow bone.

Makeup Proportions

Professional makeup look is all about the golden ration and perfect proportions. What do we need to do to make the small eyes appear larger? Cheat the regular rules of face proportions and makeup! Contour your cheeks and nose to make them look smaller and overdraw eyeshadow and eyeliner on your eyes to make them appear bigger. For your lips choose an ombre lip look or bjd doll inspired lips, check out my tutorial here.

Bottom Lashes

For an extra large eye look forget about your natural bottom lash line and lashes. We don't want and don't need to emphasize natural features of the eye. Instead we are going to cheat and apply false bottom lashes lower than they grow naturally. In case you don't have or don't like bottom lashes you can draw them on your skin. Use a liquid eyeliner and tiny synthetic brush and draw lashes on the new false bottom line you've created.

liz breygel circle lens anime doll big eyes eye makeup

Enlarging Circle Lens

Enlarging circle lens is an optional step, but in case you are aiming for a real life doll or anime eye look try to use a special lens with graphic diameter more than 13 - 15 mm. Choose lens that will perfectly blend with your natural eye color. They should be soft, comfortable and easy in usage. For this anime eye makeup look I used For Vision On & On Blue Contact Lens.

Don't have circle lens at home? It's not a problem, because you can try an anime eye makeup even without circle lens. Check out my easy step by step eye enlargement makeup tutorial without lenses and recreate this look right away, without buying extra 'equipment'. Until next time, hugs and kisses!

Lots of love,