a close-up of a brown eye with dark and smoky makeup look

Hi, makeup lovers! The world's most common eye color is brown and therefore people always underestimate the beauty and charm of this shade. As an owner of dark brown eyes, I feel obliged to open the whole potential of brown eyes and show you how to complement this eye color. Today I'm going to show you how to recreate this dramatic violet smokey eye makeup look that will bring your beautiful brown eye color to perfection.

a step-by-step pictorial that shows how to do purple smokey eye look

How to do a Purple Smokey Eye Look for Brown Eyes?

1. Start your makeup with an eyeshadow primer, apply it all over your eyelid, and then blend with your ring finger. Eyeshadow primer will help your purple makeup to last all day long without fading and creasing. Don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows, you can use your favorite eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil as you prefer.

2. Now it is time to create a winged shape on the eyelid using a purple matte pencil. Try to gently sketch the wing and fill the shape. This will make purple eyeshadow look extra-bright. Don't worry about the mess and uneven edges, you can easily clean them with concealer.

3. The next step is to set the pencil, so the makeup stays in place. Use a bright matte eyeshadow and apply it over the pencil. Blend the edges with the help of lighter matte color and a clean blending brush. 

4. After you are done with blending apply full-coverage concealer on the inner half of the eyelid. Try to be neat and precise, a small synthetic brush will help you with the application. Set the concealer with mint green eyeshadow. 

5. Highlight with the same mint green eyeshadow the brow bone and clean up the fallouts. Apply black eye kohl on the upper and lower waterline. Don't forget to draw a beautiful winged eyeliner. I prefer to use liquid or cream eyeliner and a small eyeliner brush for this.

6. Apply the same purple eyeshadow on the bottom lash line. Finish up a dramatic Violet Smokey Eye makeup look with a generous coat of your favorite mascara and a pair of false eyelashes.

a step-by-step pictorial that shows how to do purple smokey eye look

That's all for today! I hope my makeup tutorial for brown eyes was useful and informative. Please, let me know in the comments if you liked it. Want to learn how to make your eyes extra large without using a circle lens? Check out my step-by-step eye enlarging makeup tutorial and try out an anime eye look yourself. Love you guys, until the next time!

Lots of love,