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Lingerie Essentials: Ten Must-Have Undergarments for Ladies

Today we are going to continue our back to basics journey and clear out one of the most important spaces in women's closet - a lingerie drawer. It is time to get rid of all uncomfortable, aged and simply wrong lingerie you own and treat yourself and your wardrobe with some brand new lingerie basics every lady should own. Remember that comfortable and high-quality undergarments can make your day better!

underwear panties bra must have lingerie drawer closet liz breygel fashion

  • Sports Bra is a must have for every active woman. Remember to choose a comfortable wide strap sports bra, it will reduce breast movement and increase support during physical exercises. 
  • Push -Up Bra classic shape and some soft padding are perfect for those who need an extra lift and volume. Usually push-up bras have firm underwire that can easily give you a perfect cleavage. For an extra deep d├ęcolletage choose a v-shaped bra, it will stay hidden under the clothes.

underwear panties bra must have lingerie drawer closet liz breygel fashion

  • Criss-Cross Bra is a universal bra with detachable and transformable straps. You can easily change the position of straps to fit almost every outfit or totally remove them if necessary. This bra-transformer will let you wear even open back dresses, securing and supporting the chest.
  • Strapless Bra in soft nude shade is perfect for special occasions, it has no lining or rough parts, so this bra is almost invisible under tight clothes. Of course strapless bra can't support large breasts completely, but the purpose of this bra is to be invisible and shape the curves.

underwear panties bra must have lingerie drawer closet liz breygel fashion

  • Bralette made from a lightweight tulle or soft cotton material is my favorite bra at the moment. Bralettes are usually very comfortable and feel very nice to the skin. It has no wiring, so it does not provide a great amount of support,but it is still possible to find a perfect bralette even if you are curvy.

  • Sexy Bra is probably the most important item for every woman, it is always nice to have a 'special' lingerie in your fashion arsenal. Follow your personal style and choose a bra that will make you feel desirable and confident. 
underwear panties bra must have lingerie drawer closet liz breygel fashion

  • Seamless Slippers or no-line panties are perfect for comfortable everyday living. They are very soft, lightweight and invisible under the clothes. Usually no-line panties are made of very soft synthetic materials like microfiber and lycra. If you are not a big fan of thongs, you can substitute them with a pair of seamless slippers.

  • Boyshort Panties was made for those 'special' days in the month. They are super comfortable and give a feeling of protection and coverage. Boyshort underwear look particularly beautiful on curve girls.

underwear panties bra must have lingerie drawer closet liz breygel fashion

  • Thongs are an everlasting classic of women's lingerie drawer. It is almost impossible to find a modern woman who doesn't wear thongs. Thongs come in different shapes and made from different materials, but all of them are perfect pair for tight pants or bodycon dresses. 

  • Sexy Panties are the last, but probably the most important piece of underwear in my today's list. Just like sexy bra panties should be especially beautiful and boost your confidence.

Every woman has her own lingerie essentials that help her feel comfortable and glorious day by day. Of course the list of underwear can be endless, but there is absolutely no need to clutter your wardrobe and buy expensive pieces to cover all your fashion lingerie needs. Don't forget to check out my previous post and find out what are the 15 basic closet items every woman needs to have in her wardrobe.

Lots of love,