close-up of makeup contouring palette by Becca Cosmetics on a studio's rosy background

Do you love to have bronzed skin, but your hard-earned summer tan disappeared? Don't worry about that, because a well-chosen cheek palette will help you to return your beloved sun-kissed skin. Today I'm going to talk about Becca Sunchaser Palette: a beautiful trio of beach-inspired blush, highlighter, and bronzer that will help you to recreate a healthy glow. This palette was nicely sent to me by Glam Express - one of my favorite platforms for beauty enthusiasts. I have become a Spotlight Member of September and Glam Express community gave me this palette as a gift. So without further ado, let's proceed to the review.

close-up of makeup contouring palette by Becca Cosmetics on a studio's rosy background

The Sunchaser Palette features three gorgeous colors for your cheeks: 'Ipanema Sunset' - a medium brown bronzer, 'Apricot Blossom' - peachy pink mineral blush, and 'Opal' shimmering metallic pressed highlighter. The middle shade Apricot Blossom is marvelously decorated with the Becca logo. I want to mention that all these three colors remind me very much of the famous Naked Flushed contouring palette by Urban Decay. Even the weight of each shade from the palette is approximately the same. The fill weight of Naked Flushed Palette is 0,49 oz (14 g) and the fill weight of Sunchaser Palette is 0,42 oz (12 g).

close-up of makeup contouring palette by Becca Cosmetics on a studio's rosy background

All three pigments are finely grounded and feel smooth and silky on the skin. They beautifully blend and give a desirable sun-kissed effect. Some people were complaining about bronzer, claiming that it was too harsh and dark. I have a very light complexion and can't complain about 'Ipanema Sunset', I just wish the shade was a little bit colder. 'Apricot Blossom' is an absolutely gorgeous color and to be honest, I'm tempted to try it out on my eyes, together with 'Opal'. The surface of the skin is so polished after you finish contouring your cheeks.

close-up swatches of makeup contouring palette by Becca Cosmetics on a light skin

How to use the Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette? After you are done with your regular foundation routine and set it with translucent powder, you can start to contour your cheeks. I prefer to start with 'Ipanema Sunset' and apply it under the cheekbones, gently blending it with a medium-angled brush. Then I apply blush directly above the contouring and highlight the cheekbones to give my face a natural dimension.

Overall, I loved the Sunchaser Palette by Becca, the colors are pigmented and versatile. The design of the palette is amazing, you can take this trio with you on vacation or use it daily. At the moment Becca Sunchaser Palette retails at $58.00, but speaking frankly, I don't think the price is justified. Of course, the product is great and I liked it very much, but you can find a very similar and cheaper dupe. Until the next time!

Lots of love,