a close-up of brown ey ewith a vivid, pink eyebrow look

I love to experiment and try out exotic makeup looks. But not everyone likes dramatic changes in their appearance. Today I'm going to show you how to get those desirable colorful eyebrows, without bleaching and damaging them, even if your eyebrows are dark. All you need to make your eyebrows bright and colorful are a few makeup products: eyebrow comb, bright eye pencil of your choice, pigmented eyeshadow, and concealer. A couple of small synthetic brushes will also help you to get neat and precise eyebrow makeup.

a step-by-step makeup pictorial showing hot to get a vivid, colorful eyebrow look with makeup without bleaching

1. Start your colorful eyebrow makeup with clean and makeup-free hairs. If your eyebrow hairs are very thin or you don't have them at all, you can try to enhance them with a help of a special hair-growth booster, aka serum. You can check out this Brow Enhancing Serum review to learn a little more about how to use it and how it works. For now, use some regular eyeshadow primer to make your eyebrow makeup look brighter and last longer.

2. Comb your eyebrows up with a help of a special brush and start to apply eye pencil. I prefer to use wax-based pencils because was helped eyebrow hairs stay in place. After the pencil is applied brush through the hairs once again.

a step-by-step makeup pictorial showing hot to get a vivid, colorful eyebrow look with makeup without bleaching

3. Eye pencil will not cover all the hairs, especially if the eyebrows are dark. That's why we need to set the pencil with an eyeshadow. Use a tiny synthetic brush and gently dab eyeshadow on the top of your eyebrows. Don't worry about the mess and fallouts, we are going to clean it later.

4. The very last step is concealer. With a help of a synthetic brush and your favorite concealer carve your eyebrow shape, cleaning up the messy edges. After this step is done finish your eye makeup and doesn't forget to apply false lashes.

That's how you can get a bright, colorful eyebrow without bleaching your natural eyebrow color. Using this simple method you can change your eyebrow color every day and match your outfit and mood. Do you prefer natural-looking eyebrows and want to learn how to fill in your eyebrows for everyday occasions?

Lots of love,