close-up of Korean lip tint by brand Berrisom is laying opened on top of magazine

Do you remember an epic peel-off lip tint obsession? Every blogger and makeup enthusiast was buying and trying out a unique two-in-one lip product — a cleansing peel-off lip mask and a cute lip tint. Probably the most popular overall lip tints on the market were Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint. I was lucky to receive this popular lip tint in my YesStyle Korean Beauty Box and today I have finally prepared a detailed review with swatches for all of you.

close-up of Korean lip tint by brand Berrisom is laying opened on top of magazine

Berrisom 'Oops My Lip Tint' comes in regular lip gloss packaging with a very cute and bright design on the tube. There is a slim plastic applicator very simple and simple to use. I'm an owner of the most beautiful and bright color called 'Virgin Red': it is a classic color, vivid blue-based red shade, but the finish looks very natural. And, of course, I want to mention an awesome scent of the Berrisom Lip Tint, it has a very yummy fragrance of fresh berries and I love this so much.

swatch on the light skin of 'Virgin Red' lip tint by Korean brand Berrisom

The formula of this lip tint is patented and unique in its way. Together with a cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating effect you'll also receive a long-lasting lip pigmentation. The final result may last up to 12 hours and the more healthy is your lip's skin, the longer will last color. You can eat, drink, and kiss without fear of smudging and staining your partner. The list of ingredients in this small, cute tube is enormous and absolutely amazing! The reason why the formula of the tints contains alcohol is absolutely understandable, alcohol makes it easier for the tint to dry on your lips.

Wondering how to use Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint? Apply the tint generously all over your lips and let it dry. The more time you`ll let the tint on your lips before peeling it off, the more pigmented will be your final result. Do not touch or rub your lips together while they are drying. In 5-10 minutes, you can peel off the tint, just like you peel off the mask. This process will remove the dead cells off your lips, making them soft and smooth. You can finish your lip makeup by applying a moisturizing lip balm of transparent lip gloss over your lips. The application process might be a little bit 'patchy', but the overall result doesn't need to be perfect.

Liz Breygel demonstrates on her lips how to use 'Virgin Red' lip tint by Korean brand Berrisom

To sum up, I loved using the Berrisom Lip Tint and I love its natural finish and color. In the past, I had two Peel-Off Lip Tints by Born Pretty, but to be honest Berrisom looks and works so much better for me. The final result looks very natural and fresh, the lips are juicy and pigmented, but there is no actual product on the skin. You can purchase this product at the YesStyle website. Thank you so much for your visit, please let me know if you ever tried peel-off makeup. Until the next time!

Lots of love,