close-up of two lip balms by affordable brand balea on an opened notebook

I know you're all ready to embrace spring with its warm weather, blossoming nature, and other positive changes. But is your skin ready for the transition? During this time of slow change between winter and spring, dry skin can become very patchy, red, and irritated. This is often caused by winter vitamin deficiency, also known as winter avitaminosis. Lips, especially delicate lip skin, are even more prone to drying out. 

Today, I'm going to review two moisturizing lip balms from the popular drugstore brand Balea – a simple on-the-go remedy for dry and flaky lips.

close-up of two lip balms by affordable brand balea on an opened notebook

I'm a huge fan of Balea, which is one of the best affordable brands, that produces high-quality beauty products. So, the lip balms come in regular tube packaging with a super cute design on them. For the price, you are going to receive 4,8 g. (around 0,69 oz.) of the product. 

  • Mint Loves Apple Lip Balm

The formula contains natural ingredients: shea butter and beeswax soften and moisturize dry lips, and vitamin E protects the skin from UV lights. And, of course, both of these lip balms have incredibly nice scents. Mint Loves Apple has a soft refreshing fragrance of mint and the sweet smell of green apples. The Nude Kiss lip balm smells like a freshly baked pastry.

close-up of two lip balms by affordable brand balea on an opened notebook

  • The Nude Kiss Lip Balm

The nude Kiss lip balm I like a little bit less than Mint Loves Apple. The formula of the Nude Kiss lip balm includes light brown pigment, that covers your lips with a subtle nude color. But, when applied to chapped lips, the pigmentation looks very uneven and unattractive. I like to use it on top of a nude lip liner, it makes the blending process easier and gently cares for the lips.

Final Verdict...

In my opinion, Balea lip balms are the best lip balm for dry lips. They are very affordable but moisturize dry even better than luxury lip balms. The common price of Balea lip balm is €0,65 (around $0,8) and it is hard to find a better lip product for the price. At the moment, Balea lip balm is the only lip care product I use daily and it drastically improved the condition of my lips. 

Thank you so much for reading my review, I hope it was useful, and don't forget to take care of your lips. Until next time!

Lots of love,