close-up of an eye showing how to apply liquid eyeliner with bobby pin

Hi everyone! Applying a beautiful and neat winged eyeliner look can be very tricky at times, especially for makeup beginners. There are tons of step-by-step makeup tutorials with detailed instructions that teach us easy ways to do winged eyeliner. For instance, lately, a bobby pin eyeliner hack went viral on Instagram and Facebook. That's why today I wanted to try out this eyeliner cheat myself and find out if it really works.

a step-by-step pictorial showing makeup hack how to apply eyeliner with bobby pin

How to Use Bobby Pin to Apply Eyeliner?

1. All you need to put on eyeliner with a help of a poppy pin is a liquid or cream eyeliner and a bobby pin. If your pin is flat on the end, try to bend the ends away from each other, creating a larger angle.

2. Start by applying your makeup — fill in your eyebrows, prime the eyelids, and apply eyeshadow. Skip mascara and false eyelashes, it is better to finish this step after the eyeliner.

3. Apply a small amount of liquid or cream eyeliner on the end of your bobby pin, this trick will also work with a highly pigmented eyeshadow and even eye kohl. 

4. Lightly lay a bobby pin on the outer corner of your eye, the line should be heading in the general direction of the end of your eyebrow. The straight part of a pin goes on the bottom lash and the angled part to the top lash line.

5. Finish the winged eyeliner makeup by filling in the triangle. Use black eye kohl to fill in the gaps between the lashes and to tight line the waterline.

a step-by-step pictorial showing makeup hack how to apply eyeliner with bobby pin

That's how you create winged eyeliner makeup with a help of a bobby pin. I liked how this trick works, the finished look is neat and pretty. If you messed up the process you can always clean the lines with a help of a concealer. Please let me know in the comments if you have tried a bobby pin eyeliner hack yourself or maybe you have better eyeliner tips.

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