fashion collage with singer and artist Poppy

It is hard to find a person who doesn't know a famous pop star, singer, and YouTuber Poppy, and her innocent, cute, and slightly controversial style. I can spend long hours surfing through forums and different YouTube channels discovering new interesting conspiracy theories on Poppy and her odd videos. People may love this artist or hate her but no one can deny that Poppy has one of the best makeup and outfits on the modern stage. That's why today I want to show you how to create her iconic makeup look. Ready to go? Let`s start!

makeup collage and pcitorial that shows how to do that poppy makeup look

How to Do Poppy Inspired Makeup Look?

1. To make sure that our eye makeup will last all day long we should start with an eyeshadow primer. Apply a small amount on your eyelid and blend it into the skin with your ring finger. The warmth of your skin will make an eyeshadow primer absorb faster into your skin. Give the product some time to set down on your skin.

2. Now let's fill in the eyebrows using a natural-looking matte eyeshadow or pencil. Poppy has very natural bushy eyebrows with a very soft arch. I don't recommend you to use an eyebrow pomade for this look, because this product can make your eyebrows too heavy.

3. It is time to do eye makeup, start by applying a light matte brown eyeshadow on the crease of your eye. Make sure to use cold shades of brown eyeshadow - these colors look more natural on the skin and Poppy uses them frequently for her makeup. Intensify the crease with a darker brown eyeshadow and use a soft fluffy brush to blend out the product. Highlight the brow bone and the eye corners with a white satin eyeshadow.

4. Time for my favorite part of Poppy's makeup look - thick eyeliner with a small wing. Heavy and thick eyeliner makes the eye shape rounder and bigger and gives your eye a very cute anime look. Don1t forget to curl your lashes and apply a few generous coats of your favorite mascara. For the bottom lash line, I used the same matte eyeshadow and applied white eye kohl on the waterline.

5. To sum up Poppy makeup applies natural-looking false lashes on the top lash line and tiny cute bottom lashes. To make the application easier start at the outer corner of your eye and work your way in until you have your desired look. Bottom lashes open your eyes and make you look like an innocent doll.

The rest of Poppy's makeup look is very simple. Use a lightweight BB Cream as a makeup base, it will even out the tone of your face and conceal any problematic areas, check out My Favorite BB Creams post to find out the best BB cream for your skin. To set the base and make your skin fresh and matte use a translucent face powder, I love using Mering Loose Powder it is extremely finely milled, it feels very smooth on the skin. Be very soft on your contouring and blush routine, Poppy never uses harsh bronzers on her skin. And for the lips use a nude peach and pink lipstick and a little amount of gloss.

giphy with that poppy artist

Thank you so much for reading my post and I really hope you liked my That Poppy Inspired Makeup Tutorial. Wondering how to dress up like Poppy? Then check out my other post for an outfit inspiration This makeup is super easy and wearable and I hope some of you will use my instructions to recreate it. Please let me know in the comment section your opinion, I'll talk to you very soon, bye-bye!

Lots of love,