colorful fashion collage with That Poppy singer and her outfits and accessories.

Who doesn't know Poppy nowadays? She is real-life a modern style icon and a good fashion example to follow, especially if you are into all things cute, but weird. Explaining her fashion style, is just as complicated, as explaining the genre of her music. Maybe that's why Poppy has so many fans — everyone finds something they like about it.

I guess, Poppy's fashion style is a mild mixture between soft grunge, the '90s pop fashion, and, of course, it is influenced by Korean street fashion. Does it remind of No Doubt and Cyndi Lauper to anyone? Poppy looks both innocent and doll-like in her outfit,  yet here is also a place for eye-catching accents and crazy prints.

colorful fashion collage with That Poppy singer and her outfits and accessories.

Inspired by Poppy, her tune, and her fashion style, I've decided to come up with my personal interpretation of the way she looks. I googled some of her best photos and found some pieces, that may represent her peculiar style. So, if you are wondering how to dress like Poppy, hopefully, this little guide will help you with your online quest. And, just to motivate you further, don`t forget to check out my Poppy's makeup look with a step-by-step tutorial, it is surprisingly wearable.

fashion collage with a few fashion looks inspired by artist and singel Poppy

Firstly, I gathered three different outfit ideas, two shoes, and a handbag. The first look is a cute, short jumpsuit. It is pink, the favorite Poppy's color, and the black chocker creates an interesting contrast in this outfit. The second item — a faux fur coat, which can be layered over the jumpsuit, or over the delicate off-shoulder dress, which comes next. This blue dress, with tender ruffles, can be paired with aby-blue pumps, which I added on the bottom, and it also goes with edgy, combat-wedged boots. A little handbag, Zootopia style, is just super-versatile, it goes well with any other piece from this collage.

People may love or hate Poppy's music style, the way she dresses up, or the way she behaves in her Youtube videos. But, anyone will deny the huge style influence Poppy has on modern fashion trends. Whether is those eyeballs prints, faux fur, and plastic elements in her outfits. She has one of the most interesting, cool, and cute looks among all of the famous musicians and artists. There is some kind of weird magic flowing around Poppy and that's what I like the most about her. And what about you? Do you like her style?

Lots of love,