woman on a beach in summer outfit

When it comes to essential wardrobe items it seems like you need a lot of pieces to complete a few outfits. But in fact, there aren't many pieces you need for a stylish summer look. From the comfortable bodysuit to the tassel bikini, meet and greet top fashion picks that will help you to look your best this summer and provide a basic foundation for your outfits. While creating this post I tried to consider major spring-summer 2017 season trends and transform them into wearable looks.

fashion collage with the essential wardrobe pieces for hot summer weather

1. Off-Shoulder Summer Top

The Off-Shoulder neckline is probably the biggest trend this summer season. You can spot it basically on any fashion piece this summer - tops, swimwear, dresses, and even jackets. You can easily style your wardrobe for summer by adding a few items with these tasseled, ruffled, and floral interpretations of this trend.

2. Pair of Comfortable Summer Sandals

Forget about slip-ons and sneakers and show your beautiful toes and neat pedicure wearing platform and chunky heel sandals. 

3. Spacious Printed Tote Bag

It is impossible to live without a carry-all tote bag, especially in summer! Where would you put all your beach necessities, books, magazines, and water bottle? You definitely need a trusty tote bag with cute print to carry all these items.

fashion collage with the essential wardrobe pieces for hot summer weather

4. Comfy Bodysuits

Bodysuits are a must-have item for your closet at the moment, they are super popular among celebrities and designers. No wonder why bodysuit trend is so hot, you can transform any outfit and make it ultra-chic if you choose the right model for your body type. Replace your old top with a comfy bodysuit and be trendy this summer.

5. Flowing Spaghetti Strap Dress

One of the biggest fashion trends at the moment is slip spaghetti strap dresses and every fashionista needs to own at least one of these. Velvet, satin, silk, or even cotton, can be worn day or night. Try to choose classic black and white dresses for a formal occasion, plus it literally takes no space in your wardrobe or case.

Of course, you will need to fill in the gaps with some basic tops, jeans, and shorts, depending on your personal style preference and your wardrobe taste. That`s all for today guys, I hope you liked my Summer 207 Wardrobe Essentials post.

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