vintage street photography
Photo: Les Anderson

Vintage fashion usually refers to clothing and accessories originating from a previous era and throughout fashion history designers drew inspiration from the past. I bet everyone admits that our grandparents had an awesome sense of style. When I was younger I never understood all those old-fashioned brooches, handbags, and lace camisoles my great-grandmother loved to wear every day. But today things have changed and I would borrow one of those fashionable pieces with great pleasure.

Vintage garments have a special aura that is why fashionistas all around the world are coming back to this charming style. You can spot the trend everywhere from vintage wedding-themed ceremonies, where brides wear, their elegant vintage wedding dresses, to pretty casual, everyday occasions, where stylish ladies rock accessories and clothes with vintage vibes.

a cutout from a vintage fsahion newspaper

Of course, original vintage pieces are expensive and rare, and they demand special care. But, if you want to dress like your favorite fashion icon from a previous era, you can easily shop for vintage-inspired clothing closely resembling original vintage design. It happens frequently with vintage wedding dresses, which are only inspired by the original vintage pieces.

These vintage reproductions are available in different sizes, and colors and they have a modern touch to their style. Today I've put together some of my favorite vintage-inspired fashion pieces, which create a wonderful mood board, perfect for style inspiration.

The first ensemble features a bright, mustard-colored coat, with intricate, oriental embroidery on the skirt. Isn't it ideal for the colder times of the year, when you have to dress up warm, layering a million pieces on top of each other, but still want to look great? The second outfit is based on an elegant flare dress. It has a beautiful color of green forest and features a thin belt on the waistline. White color goes with any other color out there, so I paired both looks with versatile white pumps. Two different bags also suits both looks. And, of course, I couldn't forget about a cloche hat, it will keep you warm with style.

vintage fashion collage with a few stylish outfit ideas

If you are new to a vintage-inspired style but want to try out these outfits very much, there are a few easy ways how to make it more comfortable for you. For starters, pick up vintage-inspired clothes that can be combined with a current fashion trend. This way you can combine two different styles you like in one look.

Another way to get into the retro style, if you aren't ready for a swing era, is to dress up in an everlasting fashion trend, that has a retro vibe to it. Hippie and bohemian chic styles are great examples. It is slightly vintage, slightly chic, and slightly sloppy. Plus, it comes back to almost every new summer. You can also try to pair your vintage-looking clothing with relatively modern shoes, bags, and jewelry and choose up-to-date color schemes. 

In conclusion, the vintage-inspired trend is returning to our lives and bringing back the most beautiful garments, which you can borrow from your granny or mom. Don't miss an awesome chance to rock their pieces with style, and show everyone your unique sense of fashion. So, what do you think, lovelies, are you ready to swig into the rhythm?
Lots of love,