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If someone would ask me what is the most oversaturated fashion style ever existed, I would definitely name bohemian chic. Applicable in art, music, and interior decor, it stands out the most in fashion, bringing a strangely-appealing abundance of accessories, textures, and even vibes into the look. If you were always wondering how to pull off bohemian chic, and want to know more about this style, then today's post is for you.

What is 'Boho' Fashion Style & How did it Emerge?

'Bohemian Chic' also known as 'boho' is one of the most feminine and romantic fashion styles. Emerged in central Europe (from French bohémien translates as 'Gypsy' or 'Roma people'), this style was born together with the traveling Bohemians refugees. Later, the second word 'chic', which was also borrowed from the French language and simply means style or elegant. 

young woman in bohemian chic outfit is posing in a park

Of course, later in history, the boho style started to develop more structured features, gaining significance and popularity. By the middle of the late '60s and early '70s, during the rebellious years of hippie subculture, bohemian chic was adopted as a part of the whole 'Flower Children' aesthetic, followed by matching lifestyle philosophy.

But, as an actual fashion current, boho became popular among fashionistas in the '00. By the end of 2005, bohemian collections filled with floor-length skirts and floral patterns have invaded almost every store in the biggest fashion capitals of the world: London, New York, Milan, and Paris. Since then bohemian chic appears here and there in every other runway show, especially around spring-summer time together with the hot weather.

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What Are The Main Elements of the 'Boho' Style?

  • The boho look is all about the flowing, layered silhouette. It welcomes a variety of natural, calm colors and earthy tones like brown, terracotta, saturated red, and orange. The dark green colors that remind of forest and green grass also fit the bohemian style. Natural off-white colors of cotton and linen fabrics work as base elements for a boho look;

  • Another main feature of the boho style is the ethnic-inspired prints on clothing. They are mostly defined by the 'lack of structure', meaning that patterns and prints aren't symmetrical, more free-handed. They may be layered over with other patterns and colors. You can try incorporating the famous Turkish cucumber pattern, paisley, or ogee;

  • The fabric used to create bohemian clothing is mostly natural, raw, and rich in textures. Widely used linen, thin cotton, hemp fibers, and silk. This feature makes them ideal for the hot summer weather;

  • An 'almost absent' footwear is another staple of the boho style. The summery sandals are usually flat and comfy, made with natural materials. If you know how Roman sandals look, then you know what I mean with the bohemian footwear style. Shoes for the cold period of the year are comfortable ankle-length cowboy boots or spacious knee-high models;

  • Of course, it would be a fashion crime not to mention probably the most prominent feature of a bohemian look. I'm talking about the tendency for overaccessorizing and my love for necklace and bracelet layering. Bohemian chic is not 'cheeky' without natural elements like stones and wood, in accessories. It loves small key elements in the look like headbands, scarves, tassels, and belts. 

fashion collage with four celebrities: Vanessa Hudgens, Florence Welch, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid wearing boho shic outfits

Vanessa Hudgens, Florence Welch, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid 

How to Wear Boho Chic Style?

Wearing a boho look may not be the easiest fashion task, especially for beginners. It is easy to over-encumber the look, not to mention other underwater rocks, and tricky moments you may encounter. But, knowing the following fashion secrets, you'll easily hack the style and will have no problems adapting it to your liking.

When building your boho outfits, it is best to start with basic pieces, something you may already have in your capsule wardrobe. Wide-legged pants, t-shirt dresses, ruffled blouses, and floor-length skirts in neutral tones will serve as a perfect base for your boho outfit. Try not to overburden your look (at least at the beginning of your boho journey) with the number of colors used in one look, especially if your look is already full of patterns and textures. Start with three-five basic colors, slowly adding more shades to your palette.

young woman in bohemian chic outfit is posing close to a tent

Opt for clothes that emphasize your silhouette, and don't let you 'drown' in the look. Thin belts on your waist and front tuck technique with the blouse or shorts will help to add more femininity to the look. Still, keeping the outfit maximally comfortable and balanced with your own personality is the key.

The Takeaway

Boho is the perfect casual style that you can wear for a walk, casual hang-out with your friends and family, or even to go on a date with your partner. Playing around with the details and layers, interpreting the aesthetic, and adapting it to your body will help you to learn the secret of such a careless look. In the end, you won't change it for anything else! Free your mind, and don't be afraid to follow the ideas of peace and love.

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