bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

Bohemian Chic is one of the most feminine and romantic style in the fashion industry. Originally Bohemians were travelers or refugees from central Europe (the French word bohémien translates as "Gypsy" or "Roma people") and the word "chic" was also borrowed from French language, meaning style or elegant. This style started to develop its significant features in the middle to late 1960's and early 1970's with a huge help of hippie movement and their lifestyle. 

By the end of 2005 Boho collections invaded almost every fashion store in the biggest fashion capitals of the world - London, New York, Milan and Paris. Since then Boho style comes back to the runway shows every spring - summer season bringing back those flowing silhouettes, multi layered elements and huge amount of ringing jewelry back in our lives.

bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

What Are The Main Elements of the Boho Style?

  • Boho look is flowing, layered and colorful, but the colors are always natural and calm - earthy reds and oranges, and dark greens. Boho style also allows to wear light pastels and neutral color combos like gray, beige and brown.

  • Ethnic and tribal inspired prints, floral motives and eclectic hints are the most popular bohrmian patterns.

  • As for the footwear boho fashion allows to wear everything that is comfortable and breezy for summer - Roman and Greek inspired sandals, ballet flats, for cooler days it is an ankle boots, cowboy boots or knee - high hippie boots.

  • Materials and fabrics used to create a boho outfit are just as important as the accessories. Boho gives its preference to natural fabrics - silk, cotton, linen, denim, wool. Crocheted, lace and knitted textures are a staples of boho style.

  • Over accessorizing is a main feature of boho chic. Bracelets, heavy earrings and layered necklaces - bohemians wear them all together, combining natural stones and wooden elements with metals. Tasseled handbags, floral headbands and scarves are the most popular boho choices.

bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

How To Wear Boho Style?

Wearing bohemian style is not the easiest task, as any other fashion style boho chic has it`s own rules and tricks. But you will easily pull off Boho outfit knowing these little secrets. When building your Boho Chic wardrobe start with garments in natural tones and fabrics. Try not to include more than four - five colors combinations in your outfit, especially if your garment is already bright and catchy.

bohemian boho chis style trend outfit ideas summer 2017 fashion breygel

Choose silhouettes that will emphasize your personality and will look beautiful on your figure, but don’t forget to think about the comfort. The main idea of boho chic is to feel free and comfortable and live in harmony with nature. Flowing clothes, maxi dresses and wide leg pants are a perfect example of comfortable clothes. Boho is perfect casual style, you can go for a walk with your date, family and friends, you can wear boho at home and even at work. Try to play around and interpret boho chic into your lifestyle and you won't change it for nothing.

Boho chic style fits just right as a casual summer style - it is relaxed, creative and liberating. Free your mind, don 't be afraid to be a bohemian goddess, following the ideas of peace and love and be connected to our mother nature. To learn more about it spring - summer 2017 fashion trends at StyleWe - my favorite fashion store that features the best fashion pieces created by famous designers.

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