a close-up of gel nail tips set packed in a box

How creative do you get when it comes to manicures? With so many gorgeous nail looks available for inspiration, it is hard to stop on a particular design. However, if you prefer doing your nails yourself, instead of going to a nail salon, the demand for elaborate nail design decreases. It is hard enough to be doing your manicure yourself, drawing design, gluing rhinestones, and choosing nail polish colors is yet another level of difficulty.

Some say it is all because it is hard to use nail care tools on your right hand, when your right hand is dominant (and vice versa), while others blame it all on the chic tools nail technicians always have at their disposal. Luckily, there are a few proven methods that will help you achieve your nail goals in the comfort of your home! Among them are nail stickers, nail stamping, press-on or fake nails, and nail tips.

You've probably heard about the first three things. Nail stickers and stamping are two popular techniques that allow you to decorate your nails with various ornaments, flowers, and patterns in a matter of seconds. Press-on nails aka fake nails are also quite popular. They are easy to apply/remove, reusable, and very durable. Though, not as long-lasting as regular gel nails. And what about the gel nail tips?

a close-up of three gel nail tips sets packed in cute boxes

What Are Gel Nail Tips?

Gel nail tips are a type of nail extension made of a soft gel material. Unlike acrylic nail tips or old-fashioned plastic, gel tips are thinner and more flexible. This makes gel less damaging to the nails and more natural-looking. The material's flexibility allows it to get back into shape after bending.

Gel nail tips are used to extend the length of your natural nails. The durability of the material will also protect your natural nails from breaking. Gel nail tips are long and have a smooth surface, which allows you to apply any nail design onto them.

BTArtbox Gel Nail Tips 

I was lucky enough to try out three different gel nail tip sets by BTArtbox in three different shapes (square, coffin, and almond) and colors (peach, pink, and light brown). These particular gel nail tips are free of base coat and they have a smooth, matte finish. In a set of BTArtbox, you'll receive 150 gel nail tips. All of the m vary in size, so finding the fitting tip to your natural nail won't be a trouble.

Here are the sets I was lucky enough to try:

1. Jelly Soft Gel Nail Tips 'Nude Square'* – medium-long and sleek with a soft shine and perfect square shape;

2. Jelly Soft Gel Nail Tips 'Pink Medium Almond'* – soft, matte finish, pink color, and beautiful almond shape;

3 Jelly Soft Gel Nail Tips 'Nude Short'* – coffin shape and medium-length, perfect everyday nude color.

a close-up of 5 sets of nude gel nail tips for at-home gel manicure

How to Apply Gel Tips to Your Natural Nails?

There are two different ways to apply gel nail tips: with nail glue and with UV gel. For the first method, you'll only need durable nail glue, while the second one demands a UV lamp. But first, you'll need to prepare your natural nails for the application.

• Start by trimming or filing your nails down. Keep them all the same length and shape;

• Remove the dry, dead cuticle. You can use cuticle remover oil, or gently trim it down with cuticle nippers;

• It is buffing time! Gently buff the surface of your nails. The smoother the surface, the longer the gel nail tips will last;

• Now you can move on to the try-on step. Press each nail tip onto your nail and choose the fitting size;

• Adjust the shape and the length of the nail tips if necessary;

• De-grease your nails with special prep wipes. The surface of your nails must be dust and grease-free for the best results;

macro close-up of gel nail tips in nude color

Let's start applying the nail tips to your nails:

• Apply nail glue or gel on the inner part of the tip;

• Put a tip on your nail (from cuticle to the tip) and gently press it;

• Move it a bit to release the air bubbles;

• Cure your nails under the UV lamp;

•  Your manicure is done. Enjoy wearing it!

How Long Does Gel Nail Tip Last?

Surely every nail art lover wants their manicure to last as long as possible. A well-applied gel nail tips can last up to a month, but it's best to redo your manicures more often. Give them a week or two and reapply your gel nail tips. Make sure you've prepared your natural nails thoroughly before applying gel tips. High-quality gel products will also make them last longer.

Lots of love,