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TelomErase Serum by Reviv Serums | Review & GIVEAWAY!

TelomErase Serum by Reviv Serums / Review
TelomErase Serum by Reviv Serums / Review
TelomErase Serum by Reviv Serums / Review
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Investing in a good skin care products is a vital aspect for any beauty routine. If you want your skin to be healthy, glowing and beautiful you need to make sure that you are using a right product, with the maximum amount of natural ingredients. I was very happy, when I got an opportunity to try out TelomErase Triple Telomere Targeting Serum* - the first product of its kind with three proven age-erasing telomere targeters. 

What is a telomere? Telomeres are sections of our DNA found at the ends of each of chromosomes, they serve various purposes, such as protecting our DNA from damaging, helping to organize the cells and allowing our chromosome to be replicated properly during cell division. As we age we loose telomere bases from the cells, and they are no longer able to be replicated. TelomErase Serum by Reviv Serums reduces telomere shortening in stressed and non-stressed replicating human skin cells, maintaining telomere length. It also reduces heat shock protein release in stressed cells. As a result, this 6-in-1 multi-corrective technology  erases, tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturizes and regenerates. our skin. I know all this sounds to complicated, but the results are terrific! You can check out the detail description of the ingredients and see the before and after pictures of the results on the official Reviv Serums website here

And now let`s take a look at the product, I`m a lucky owner of two travel-sized samples, the full size product comes in a 60 ml / 2fl oz glass bottle, with a pump on the top. The serum itself has a cloudy yellow colour and a consistency of melted honey. It feels a bit thick and tacky on the skin, so I recommend you to apply TelomErase Serum right before sleep. The scent reminds me of wild field flowers, something like dry chamomile and lavender, I like it :) It does not make my skin oily, even though it takes some time to absorb. Even thought I just started to use it, I already see that my pores became less visible and my skin feels smoother. TelomErase Serum definitely needs more time before you can see the some drastic changes, but I`m very satisfied with the results I got already. 

How to use the TelomErase Serum? Just apply a thin layer of the serum on the freshly washed and dried skin with a gentle massage motions. You can use it absolutely everywhere you want - facial, neck, chest skin, even on your hands. It is recommended to use the serum once or twice daily for two to three months, then three times weekly thereafter for maintenance. I haven`t experienced any irritation or tingling sensation while using the TelomErase.

And now it is time for a little surprise! You have an awesome chance to join a Reviv Serums giveaway ! Three lucky winners will each receive a full-sized package of new TelomErase Serum, a $299 product with a current introductory sale price of $149. I wish everyone a good luck ;)

And also, I have a special 10 % discount code for all my lovely readers, just use code TIGHT 10 at checkout. This discount code is good through December 31, 2015, so hurry on to get your bottle of this magic Serum and start to erase age changes of your face. Thank you for reading my post, I hope you`ll like to use the TelomErase Serum and it will work very well for you :*

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