a close-up picture of dark black and gold Gothic lip look with instructions and pictorial on how to achieve it

The dark, Gothic lips are probably my favorite, unwearable look. However, it is quite tricky to achieve desirable neat results with black lipstick. Another challenge is to make this look unique, as the black lips always tend to look too plain. Still, everything is possible with a bit of practice, makeup magic, and my step-by-step black and gold lip tutorial.

To get this neat and provocative lip look, you use absolutely any black product you have in your makeup arsenal. Classic black lipstick works well, but getting an opaque lipstick is a challenge for another blog post. I didn't have a good black lipstick at my disposal, but I had an opaque and creamy eyeliner. The second product I used was the shimmering loose pigment in a posh shade of gold. Don`t have pigments. Not a problem, use some shimmering eyeshadow to achieve a similar effect on your Gothic lips.

a close-up picture of dark black and gold Gothic lip look with instructions and pictorial on how to achieve it

How to Get the Provocative Black & Gold Gothic Lip Look?

1. Of course, before applying layers of different products on the lips, it is nice to start with a little preparation. To prepare the skin, and make your lips smoother gently exfoliate them with a soft toothbrush or a pinch of sugar;

2. Now it is time to add some lip balm so that the black lipstick/eyeliner glides on the skin effortlessly;

3. Start the Gothic lip makeup by lining your lips with black eye kohl, or cream eyeliner. This step will help you to define the shape of your lips and add some volume to your lips;

4. Finished lining your lips? Start filling in the created shape with the black makeup product of your choice. Use a small synthetic brush to make the application easier and neater;

5. To add extra crispiness to your lip look, and clean up all the mistakes you may have made, clear the edges of your lips with some foundation or concealer. I promise, this makeup trick is worth millions and works like a charm!

6. At this step you get a very creamy and opaque black lip look, which is already looking posh and hot. But, we are going to take the whole next level of the class by dabbing some on the center of the lips with some gold pigment. Voilà! The look is done!

From start to end, it takes no more than five minutes to complete this black and gold Gothic lip look. With a bit of practice, you may even achieve the desired level of perfection in a shorter time. How does it sound? And look? Please, don't forget to let me know your thoughts, and come back later for more quick and easy makeup tutorials.

Lots of love,