a studio picture of an eyesahdow palette on a plain background

Hi, beauties, does anyone love eyeshadow palettes as much as I do? It is very convenient to have all of your favorite eyeshadow colors and textures stored in one place. Recently, I had an awesome opportunity to try out an affordable eyeshadow palette by Danni, which includes 15 basic colors for every makeup taste. Want to learn more about this beauty bargain? 
a studio picture of an eyesahdow palette on a plain background

This wonderful palette comes in a very simple black case, with a sleek finish. There is a nice mirror inside, which is big enough to see the whole face at once. You will also receive one sponge-applicator inside of the case, that will help you to apply and blend your makeup look. Danni's palette features 15 basic eyeshadow colors, all of which have a posh matte finish and fine texture. Some of the light shades are a bit chalky for my taste, so make sure that you are using a good eyeshadow base, that will hold the colors in place.

a picture of a hand with eyeshadow swacthes

Of course, it would be awesome if every color from this eyeshadow palette had a name, that would reflect the essence of the shade. But, I will do my best to describe every shade as good, as I can.

 The First Eyeshadow Row (from left to right):

- Pure white color with a smooth, matte finish;
- Light orange color with a smooth, matte finish;
- Light to medium brown color, matte finish;
- Light bronze (orange + brown) color, matte finish;
- Cool-toned, medium brown shade, matte finish.

a picture of a hand with eyeshadow swacthes

 The Second Eyeshadow Row (from left to right):

- Medium to dark-brown shade,  with purple undertone and matte finish;
- Neutral brown-beige color, matte finish;
- A medium brick-brown color, with a red undertone and smooth, matte finish;
- A medium, nut-brown shade, matte finish;
- A light-peach, matte shade.

a picture of a hand with eyeshadow swacthes

  The Third Eyeshadow Row (from left to right):

- Neutral, dark-brown eyeshadow with a matte finish;
- A dark, dusty-brown shade, with a cool undertone and matte finish;
- A medium, rusty pumpkin color, matte finish;
- A dark, intense chocolate brown with a matte finish and red undertone;
- Charcoal black eyeshadow, matte finish.

a dyptych of two eyes with dramatic look

Final verdict...

Overall, I love this palette. It has each and every eyeshadow color for an everyday, festive, and evening makeup look. All of the shades have a smooth, matte finish, with no shimmer to them. But, thankfully, they are easy to work with and blend. Some of the colors have a wonderful color payoff, while others lack pigmentation. 

To reach the best look with the Danni eyeshadow palette, you'll need an eyeshadow primer. It will help to solve minor issues and make the colors more vibrant. But, overall, the palette is good for the price. And, what is your favorite eyeshadow palette at the moment? Are you a fan of matte makeup looks?

Lots of love,