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Stemology Skin Care Haul & First Impressions

stemology skin care products blogger review swatches natural skin care haul liz breygel

The weather is getting colder and drier, so I think we all need a special winter treatment for our tender facial skin. It is important to choose the right products, that will gently clean, moisturize, and at the same time will provide a natural nourishment to the skin. So I decided that today's post I'll dedicate to this important topic and tell you a little bit about the all - natural products by Stemology - very first skin care brand, that brought together both human and plant stem cell technologies. All of their products are meant to prevent the declining production of epidermal, collagen and elastin cells, which are the number one reasons of skin aging. Stemology uses only natural ingredients for their products, they are all GMO, Paraben and cruelty free. This sounds amazing!

stemology skin care products blogger review swatches natural skin care haul liz breygel

The first product I wanted to show you is the brand new Stemology Cell Renew Overnight Moisturizer, which is a multi-targeted skin moisturizer. This product restores skin's natural hydration levels, helps to remove toxins from the cells and fights against skin inflammation. While you are sleeping and seeing sweet dreams, Stemology Overnight Moisturizer decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, so when you wake up you can see the first results of it`s magical work - the skin looks tighter, refreshed, and feels so silky!

But we need to be sure that our skin is fresh and clean before applying a moisturizer. My skin always feels dry after I wash it with the cleanser. Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser gently cleans the skin and calms down any irritations and redness. It is acid free and the PH level is balanced, so the skin feels soft and hydrated right after you cleaned it. And you don't even need to apply the cream after this procedure, that's why Cell Refresh Cleanser is perfect for any skin type.

stemology skin care products blogger review swatches natural skin care haul liz breygel

And the final product it today`s Stemology skin care haul is the Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner, which is develoed to prepare the skin to receive corrective actives and to normalize pH levels. You can use it right after you clean your face with the cleanser, or on it`s own to refresh the face and remove excessive oil. It is so much easier to use it than a regular liquid toner. You don't need to rub the face with cotton - just apply Cell Rescue Gel and gently massage it into the skin. And your skin is refreshed and hydrated again.

That is all for the Stemology skincare haul girls, I’ll be posting the full review for each of the product very soon, so stay tuned to don’t miss my posts. You can check the products and their full description and learn about the whole range on the official Stemology website. I'll talk to you later beauties!

Lots of love,