opi isn`t that precious sally hansen bamboo shoot revlon lily isabelle dupont faberlic nail polish lacquer

Spring is such a refreshing season of the year. It is a time when you want to renew every aspect of your life. Starting with your look and wardrobe may be the easiest and most satisfying way! And what about your nails? I prefer wearing dark, dramatic nail polish color in the cold time of the year, swapping them with something more colorful, and light when the springtime arrives. Here is the nail polish list of my top five favorite pastel colors for spring. 

OPI Nail Polish in shade 'Isn't That Precious ?' 

'Isn't That Precious?' nail polish by OPI is a perfect pale-pink nail polish color. It will be ideal for those, who prefer wearing soft and classy nails. You can wear it in one thin coat for a translucent, innocent nail look. But, applying it in two or more coats, gives your nails a very beautiful, glossy shine and opaque rose color. My favorite part of 'Isn't That Precious?' nail polish is a long-lasting formula that dries on your nails in no time.

opi isn`t that precious sally hansen bamboo shoot revlon lily isabelle dupont faberlic nail polish lacquer

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer in shade 'Lily'

Moving forward to my all-time favorite pastel shade — lilac. You can call it lilac, light purple, lavender, it doesn't matter. All of these shades were made for spring! When I saw this pretty nail lacquer by Revlon in a shade gently called 'Lily' I fell in love. Deeply in love. Unlike previous nail polish, it doesn't stay put on the nails for too long, but it looks so beautiful on the nails. I'm even willing to forgive all its faults! This shade is definitely a must-have for everyone obsessed with pastel nail colors.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in shade 'Bamboo Shoot' 

As much as I love nail experiments, I love the proven nail polish classics. Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in a shade called 'Bamboo Shoot' is my favorite casual nail polish at the moment. My go-to shade if you will. One coat gives you a neat, yet see-through coverage. 'Bamboo Shoot' is opaque after the second coat. Looking for the dupe? China Glaze 'Dare to Be Bare' has a similar shade and formula.

opi isn`t that precious sally hansen bamboo shoot revlon lily isabelle dupont faberlic nail polish lacquer

Isabelle Dupont White Nail Polish in shade # 203

If you are a nail polish collector and want to have every single shade possible, you probably know how hard is to find perfect white nail polish. Almost every white color tends to get a weird gray, yellow, or even green undertone over time. I believe I have found the white nail polish that is both affordable and doesn't change its color while on the nails. I'm talking about the Isabelle Dupont nail polish in shade # 203. Opaque formula, glossy finish, and streak-free application, it is all about this color.

E2E Disco Style in shade 'Sugar Lemonade' Nail Polish 

This is my first yellow nail polish in the collection. I don't know why, but I have never been a fan of yellow color in general. However, the 'Sugar Lemonade' nail polish changed my heart. At least, this spring season. This is a very subtle, sunny-pastel color with a soft, pearly finish. Looks very beautiful on the short and medium-length nails, and doesn't turn your complexion yellow.

And what about you, lovelies? Do you like adding some spring-time-appropriate nail colors to your collection when the winter ends? If yes, please, let me know what are your favorite shades. You can also find thorough reviews with swatches for each of the nail polishes on my blog if you are interested to learn more about them. Thank you for your company, talk to you soon.

Lots of love,