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Today, gel nail polish is the most popular coating option. It adheres perfectly, and is safe for nails and health, allowing you to design your nails only once every 2-3 weeks. There is a wide variety of shades of nail polishes so that anyone can look fantastic, no matter what style preference they have: from classic colors that suit any outfit to extravagant shades, which emphasize the uniqueness of the look. Still, there are a few nail colors that remain trendy and look stylish throughout many years. Here are the all-time best nail polish colors that will look stunning no matter the occasion or time of the year.

The Top 6 Best Nail Polish Colors You Need in Your Collection

The most popular colors of nail polishes are black, white, and red, with a whole palette of grey and nude (beige and pink). Trends include not only monochromatic classics but matte coatings mixed with glossy textures, half-moon, and French designs. Choose quality products such as SNS nail polishes and create your unique design using these best nail colors.

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  • #1. Classic Red Nail Polish

Spectacular, iconic, bold – a classic red manicure suits everyone but looks best on short square or oval nails. Red nails are like a little black dress: they are appropriate in any situation and refresh any look. When choosing a polish color, try to give preference to red with a neutral undertone that does not go into warm or cold tones – so you definitely will not go wrong.

  • #2. Versatile Nude Nail Polish

Minimalistic, but at the same time sensual nude, visually lengthens the fingers, making them more graceful, complements any image, and, most importantly, does not get boring. Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – completely different types of women choose this color palette, which speaks volumes for its versatility.

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  • #3 Elegant Black/Ink Blue Nail Polish

Every fashionista on earth loves black nail polish. Black or inky blue polish on short nails looks bold and sophisticated, giving the image a grunge feel. The popularity of dark shades in manicures grows in autumn and winter – with light, unburned skin, the black nail polish looks chic.

A dark palette is more suitable for square-shaped nails. A black nail design should be accompanied by dark clothing or accessories to create a harmonious look. A universal option is a matte black manicure, which looks more restrained and adds elegance to the style.

  • #4. Vivid Pink Nail Polish

It's not fuchsia or flashy pink a la Barbie but a gentle color that resembles rose petals or a strawberry milkshake. The beauty of pale pink is that it looks equally advantageous on both short and long nails. You should always remember the principle of cold and warm undertones when it comes to the choice of pink nail polishes for different skin colors. If you have pale skin, choose pink with a bluish undertone, and for golden or dark skin, choose a warm orange tone.

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Photo: Madison Inouye

  • #5. Strict Gray Nail Polish

The grey nail polish is very versatile: it is suitable for special occasions, business meetings, and outings with friends. You can also combine it with any other colors, but the mix of grey with pink, mint, or blue is the most trendy option. One of the top grey nail designs is a mix of glossy and matte coatings: matte for the base and glossy for the free edge. Grey nail polish will decorate nails of any length and shape.

  • #6. Pure White Nail Polish

White gel polish is an immortal classic that is popular every year. White looks best on oval or almond-shaped nails of the same length, no matter the glossy or matte coating. The shade of the nail polish should correspond to the color type of the skin: for snow-white skin, a polish of the same shade is suitable, for dark skin, the shade of an eggshell, for golden/peach skin, choose "ice cream" white and for ivory skin color – champagne.

For white nail art to be in harmony with the whole image, it is worth choosing one piece of the wardrobe of the corresponding color – it can be even small detail, such as earrings or a belt.

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Photo: This Is Zun

What are the Best Nail Colors for Every Season?

For an autumn look, red, beige, and variations in shades of these colors are suitable. Splashes of gold are appropriate, which look best on nude coatings. In addition to the classics, drawings that correspond to a given season are in fashion (an image of leaves, rain, an umbrella). Grey manicure also looks good in the fall. You just need to choose warm shades of grey.

If you're looking for a classic winter manicure, use a black-and-white palette or nude shades. Fashion trends include metallic shades and bright-colored French nail designs with a non-standard outline. You can decorate your nails with thematic drawings, sparkles, or light "lace" during the holiday season.

White manicure is popular in spring. Nude tones are also relevant, which are convenient to use as a background for the drawings of seasonal elements, such as primroses or ladybirds. Spring is the perfect time for bright and unusual nail art designs. The classic manicure can be complemented by gold and silver sequins, rhinestones, or stripes that shimmer in the sun.

In summer, bright shades are in demand, including a red manicure. Choose saturated colors: for everyday nail use, the classic monochromatic version is suitable, and for a special occasion, choose complex designs with prints or additional decorations.