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Maple Holistics Vitamin C Serum for Face | Review

liz breygel blogger review vitamin c anti aging skin serum maple holistics

Recently I was given an awesome chance to try out Vitamin C Serum for Face* by Maple Holistics. This is an anti - aging serum and it was developed to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations and other skin problems, which occur with age. I was very excited to see this serum in action, especially after I saw the list of its ingredients, just check it out girls: water, Vitamin C, vegetable glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Vitamin E Acetate and many others natural acids and extracts. Sound like a magic 'Eternal Youth Potion' in a little glass bottle!

liz breygel blogger review vitamin c anti aging skin serum maple holistics

The bottle of Maple Holistics Serum has a convinient dropper tip, so you can measure the quantity of the product you need at a time without any problem and add some more later, if needed. I recommend storing the serum in a cool dark place, so the harmful UV lights will not reach and spoil your 'potion'. 

The star ingredient of the Maple Holistics Serum is Vitamin C ( or L-ascorbic acid), it can treat multiple skin care concerns, helps to boost natural collagen production and provides potent antioxidant protection, it serves as a shield to save our skin from damaging free radicals. Other important ingredient of this product is Hyaluronic acid - well -known and very important component of our skin’s cells. Today, Hyaluronic acid is considered equally important, or maybe even more important, than Collagen. It keeps our skin young looking and removes waste matter from cells. By the way, this serum contains properties to provide light protection from the sun, so you can use it as a part of your morning routine.

liz breygel blogger review vitamin c anti aging skin serum maple holistics

Vitamin C Serum for Face has a very light scent of glycerin and a little oily, but very light consistency, like if a big amount of water was mixed with sunflower or olive oil. After you apply it on the skin it absorbs very quickly, and skin begins to feel a little bit tacky, like if you would put a sweet water and let it dry. I apply it right before I go to sleep, to avoid the feeling.

I will be honest with you, I loved to use Maple Holistics Serum, unfortunately to see some drastic results I need to give it more time. But I already see that my skin looks smoother and fresher. Vitamin C Serum for Face retails at $11.77 and you can order it on official Maple Holistics website. Thank you for reading my review, I really hope it was helpful for you! And what is your favorite skin serum?

Lots of love,