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Hello, lovelies! I know that many women around the world are suffering from hooded eyelids. If you have a small crease, or you have mature skin, you may perceive that the actual wing of the eyeliner that you apply appears deformed. I also have a slightly hooded right eye and most of the amazing makeup tutorials, that I try to wear, don’t work so good for me. But I want to assure you that hooded eyes could look very charming and sexy if you learn how to apply eyeliner especially. Today I`ll teach you a little eyeliner `cheat` which works even for the most severe and heavy hooded eyes, just follow these simple instructions:

1. First of all line the upper waterline and the space between the upper lashes;

2. Now we need to look straight in the mirror, and draw a wing on the overlapping hooded lid by looking straight ahead, with your open;

3. To avoid extra drama, we are not going to connect the whole line till the inner eye corner. All we need to do is to fill in the gap between the hood and fill in the eyeliner`s corner. It may sound strange but just check out the picture I did for you, and you’ll get what I meant.

The idea is to make your winged eyeliner look absolutely straight, while your eyes are opened. Sounds like a puzzle, but the result is truly amazing! I really hope that this ‘cheat’ will be helpful for all of you who are struggling while applying eye makeup on your lids. Don’t forget to follow my blog for more!

Lots of love,