basicinvite review

Graduation party celebrates recognition of your personal achievements and the beginning of a new exciting journey in your life. There is no better occasion to bring together all your dearest friends and relatives and celebrate this huge moment together. One of the most important thing to do is to celebrate graduation properly, preparing all the essential details for an amazing party.

Today, with a help of Basic Invite - the biggest supplier of customizable stationery products, we are going to take a look at few graduation invitations and party announcement ideas that will inspire your creativity and help you to create an incredible personalized graduation party invitations. t is time to take it to the next level with a fully customizable invitations and announcement cards, that will fit the theme of your party and your personal style.

basic invite review

Basic Invite has almost unlimited color options: from calm and soft pastel shades of spring, to deep and intense winter colors. Overall, there are more than 180 different colors to choose from. Once you picked the preferable style and layout for your future graduation invitation cards, choose a desirable color palette. With a help of instant design preview, adjust the colors on your card, until it looks just perfect for you and your party. After you are done with customizing, put your party invitation in colorful envelope!

basic invite review

After the end of your graduation celebration be sure to send thank you cards for graduation gifts and show your appreciation to everyone who was near you at this exciting day. Graduation is a great milestone to celebrate with your friends and family, that's why it is so important to give attention to all small details. Ready to start designing your dream invitations? Don't forget to use a special coupon code 15FF51 with your order to get 15% off any purchase from the website.


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