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Wow! So, you’re turning 60. Whether you can’t wait to start the next decade of your life, or you’re absolutely dreading the prospect of leaving your 50s behind you, turning 60 is a momentous occasion that needs to be celebrated! You may have already decided on a party, or perhaps you’re throwing one on behalf of someone else, but this article will give you some fantastic ideas for 60th birthday party themes that will knock the socks off your guests and make it a night to remember!

• Choose a Color Theme

Having your décor, food and even guests all in the same color is a lovely choice for a party theme. It’s simple and cheap to create while making beautiful photographs. This is also a theme that won’t fill your guests with dread; going for a simple color theme (red or silver and white, for example) is classy and easy for attendees to implement. Pick a color that reflects your personality. Love gardening? Make it a green party! If you’re a holiday person, go with bright colors like sunset-orange.

• Hold a Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties seemingly dwindled in popularity over the years and were for a long time considered the party theme of the elite. But there’s something very classy about getting dressed up and sipping martinis (or whatever your cocktail of choice is) with friends. You can even add things like a ‘make your own cocktail bar', where guests can mix their own concoctions.

• Choose a Decade

Stepping back in time is always a fun theme for a party, and every decade has its own interesting characteristics. From the roaring 20s to the flared 70s and everything in between, choose a decade and have everyone dress according to the theme. The photo memories will be amazing, and you can theme your food table around the chosen decade as well.

• The Academy Awards

Why not host your own Oscars party, getting everyone to dress up as their favorite movie character or celebrity? This is such a fun theme and the creativity of seeing people dress as their favorite movie characters are fantastic! You can have a red-carpet entrance, and even buy little plastic Oscar trophies for the best costumes.

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• Choose a Movie

If you’re a big fan of a certain film, then you may want to opt for a theme based around that, like Lord of The Rings, for example. These parties are often fun and lead to some great improvisation from guests; however, beware, as having a theme this specific can make it difficult for guests to get a costume. The fun thing about this theme is that you can have areas at the party with ‘sets’ from the movie and take photos of guests recreating scenes.

• Medieval Banquet

If you’re looking for a more seated setting for your party, hosting a medieval banquet is a fun way of gathering your loved ones, and adding a touch of magic to the event, and if you want to go a step further, look for the perfect building to hire with stone walls to create the ultimate effect for your feast.

The food here can be a lot of fun; having mead and a hog roast is a great way to keep in line with the theme, and medieval music will create the perfect setting for your feast.

• Pamper Party

If you’re looking for a tamer event for your birthday, why not hire out your local spa? You can have champagne by the poolside, indulge in treatments, and have classy nibbles like strawberries while you while away the hours. If hiring a spa is out of your budget, why not re-create the experience at home? You can purchase cheap spa slippers and robes online, and have your friends around for champagne, face masks and pedicures, and, of course, a good chit chat.

If you’re not able to do these treatments on each other, hiring a mobile beauty therapist for a couple of hours is relatively inexpensive compared to a spa, and you can always hit the town for a drink looking fresh-faced after you’re done!

• Events

If you don’t want to plan your own event, how about going to a pre-arranged one? Many venues offer things like escape rooms, crazy golf, afternoon tea, private cinema screenings, and more. Get creative with your ideas and let your imagination run wild. These kinds of events are so much easier to plan, as all you have to do is a book and send out the invites — a no-stress way to a great 60th birthday!

Other Ideas

To get the all-around package for your birthday, you’ll want to plan every fine detail, even down to themed invitations. Greenvelope is a great company specializing in eco-friendly stationery and party accessories at a great rate and will custom make items to your own specification. Their blog on sixtieth birthday ideas is also a great place to get more inspiration for your big day.

Turning 60 is a big deal. Embrace it and plan your perfect party to celebrate with loved ones!

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