classic eyeliner tutorial, perfect winged eyeliner tutorial

Hello ladies! Today I decided to show you the way how I create my winged eyeliner. I know there are lots of good detailed tutorials and pictorials on the internet. But I still feel that it is my mission to help some of you. So I hope this little tutorial will help you, ladies, to learn how to create a perfect winged eyeliner.

The most common products we use to create this look are pencil eyeliner (eye pencils and eye kohls), gel or creamy eyeliner and liquid liner. Usually, I'm using liquid liner, but if you want to reach the smoky effect you can substitute it with a pencil or creamy eyeliner and smudge it after.

winged eyeliner styles, winged eyeliner tutorial step by step

1. Before making sure that your eyelid is well prepared, prime it with a primer, foundation, powder, or matte eyeshadows - anything you have or need for makeup at the moment. The next step is to find out the angle of your future line. For a classic wing line, we are using our lower lash line as a guide. It is simple, just draw a line-up, as it would continue your lower eyelid;

2. Now line your upper lash line as closer to lashes as possible. It will not look beautiful if you leave some empty spaces between your lashes and the lid;

3. Then we need to draw an upper line connecting outer corner of the eye and the tip of our wing. The thinnest line of our eyeliner will be on the inner corner of the eyes, and the thickest on the outer. It is one of the most important rules of a beautiful winged eye;

4. Fill the empty spaces and if you need go back with eyeliner to fix the imperfections or to make it thicker.

We all know that practice makes perfect, so don't get upset if your winged eyeliner will not be perfect at first. If you are a novice trying to use an eye marker. It is more easy to control and there is absolutely no difference between looks created with marker or any other eyeliner. And don't forget that all people have different eye shapes and skin types. If your eyes are not extended, but hooded or round you will need a different technique of applying winged eyeliner. We girls are all beautiful in our own unique ways, and we just need to learn how to complement our beauty!

Lots of love,