a close-up picture of a lotion laying on a plain background close to a leafy plant

I rarely write about the beauty products, which were manufactured in Brazil, even though I have lived here for more than 2 years already. It is not because the cosmetic industry in Brazil is not well developed or bad in general but because nothing really caught my eye right until the last week. I came across a charming white bottle with a watercolor picture on it - it was a love from the first sign! I can't say that I needed a body moisturizer at that moment, but I couldn't go away without trying out the Hidramais Blueberry & Argan Body Lotion.

The body lotion comes in a simple and beautiful, pure white bottle with a stunning bright picture of blueberries and argan fruits on it. Hidramais has an amazing artist on the team! The lotion contains amazing natural ingredients, such as argan oil, which moisturize the skin and help against various skin conditions.

Another amazing ingredient is Olus Oil and I need to say I came across this oil for the first time. It is basically a vegetable oil that consists primarily of fatty acids, and it is amazing for super-dry skin. And the last, but not least ingredient, that fascinated me is Omega 6 - acid that is essential for the skin. It helps to restore the damaged skin cells and promotes the growth of the new cells. 

a close-up picture of a lotion laying on a plain background close to a leafy plant

Hidramais Blueberry & Argan Lotion have a runny and light consistency. It has so many different oils in the formula, so I was afraid that it will be thick and greasy. Thankfully lotion absorbs into the skin immediately and it doesn't leave an oily coat on the skin. Blueberry & Argan Body Lotion has such a divine scent of blueberry yogurt. I wish all of my beauty products were smelling like yogurt! The scent is pretty strong, but it is not annoying at all, so I think everyone will appreciate it. 

And it is important to mention that this body lotion is perfect for everyone's skincare routine - if you have a dry skin type Olus Oil will save you from dry patches, if you have oily skin you will be pleased with its runny, light texture. I'm more than satisfied with the quality of this cheap, but amazing product and I'm so excited to try other skincare products by Hidramais. What is your favorite body lotion or skin moisturizer at the moment?

Lots of love,