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Eye Enlarging Makeup Tutorial | BJD Doll Eyes & Lips

liz breygel eye makeup anime big bjd doll eyes makeup pictures how to beauty

One of my favourite makeup looks, that is super popular among lovely asian girls and anime lovers, is an eye enlarging makeup and you can create it knowing a simple technique. I`ve done few makeup tutorials on my blog, showing you how I make my eye look bigger and deeper like an ocean. But recently I was looking through some pictures on Internet of those pretty bjd dolls, their huge sad eyes and long hair, and got inspired to recreate their makeup look. I love how drastic can be a transformation from a simple cute girl to a melancholic ball - jonted doll. So if you want to look like one of these ladies, just follow this easy instruction :)

liz breygel eye makeup anime big bjd doll eyes makeup pictures how to beauty

1. The first step is absolutely optional, but if you want your eyes to look super big and opened you can put on an eye enlarging circle lens. I used Magic - Eye Easel Contact Lens by Polytouch. After you can start to prime your eyelids.

2. Now it is time to create the future shape of our doll like eye. You can use black eye pencil or a pigmented black eye shadow and don`t worry about the mess! Start to create a thick and long wing on your upper lash line. For the bottom part draw the wing lower than your natural lash line.

3. Apply some warm neutral eye shadow on the crease and clean out the fall outs.

4. Add some dark brown eye shadow above your natural crease, if your eye lids are big enough you can put the eye shadow directly on the crease. Blend out the transitions and clean out the edge of the wing with a concealer. 

5. Now it is a time to blend out the bottom lash line with some brown eye shadow to make it less harsh. To make your dramatic wing last longer without smudging add layer of liquid or gel eyeliner over it, Apply white matte pencil on your bottom waterline and fill in the space till the new lash line. 

6. Curl your lashes and add a coat of your favourite mascara. The essential step in this look is a false eye lashes, don`t be afraid to be dramatic here, choose the longest lashes you own :) I also added small falsies on the bottom, but you can draw them with the pencil or eyeliner. And your BJD doll inspired eye makeup is done.

liz breygel eye makeup anime big bjd doll eyes makeup pictures how to beauty

I hope you liked this makeup, I had so much fan creating this look. Please let me know in the comments what you think about it. I wish everyone to have an awesome day, talk to you very soon, hugs and kisses <3

Lots of love,
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