a beautiful gothic necklace on a plain background

Are you a fan of the Gothic style? I love it in every artistic form — architecture, cinematography, music. Fashion and makeup are not an exception. Luckily, my husband shares the love for Gothic things, and always supports my need for 'darkness'. For example, a few days ago he presented me with a gorgeous jewelry set, which we got at the PHD Bijuterias accessory store in San Paulo.

This beguiling jewelry set consists of two pieces: a gorgeous statement necklace, and a pair of earrings. Originally, this wasn't a jewelry set, but two 'independent' pieces. But, my husband spent so much time carefully choosing the matching pieces, and did such a wonderful job! In my opinion, this necklace and earrings together so well, like toast and marmalade. I would have never guessed it was two separate pieces.

a beautiful feather-like earrings in antique-looking gothic style

The necklace is made of black metal, dark and antique-looking. The color of this metal reminds me of old, tarnished silver. It is a very fitting 'effect' for Gothic-style accessories. The chain has medium length, and it features three black cameos with a marble-like glaze. These cameos are decorated with thin, metal chains and metal feathers. The necklace looks rough and heavy, but, in fact, it is very light and almost weightless. Feels very comfortable on the neck.

The earrings look like two metal leaves or feathers. They match closely to the feathers on the necklace, just look bigger. The black metal is the same: look shabby, and time-worn. They don't reflect any light, instead of absorbing it, giving the metal a semi-matte coarse appeal. Earrings also feature a round gem-like cameo that looks similar to the cameos from the necklace. They go with a few transparent silicone closures, which sit tightly and very comfortably on the ear. I don't have to worry about losing these closures, which happens to me all the time.

how to wear gothic jewelry?

The charming, Gothic style of the set strongly reminds me of the Medieval Ages. Something imperfect, but delicate and crafted with a big effort. Of course, both of the pieces aren't unique, but they have become so special to me. First of all, because this Gothic jewelry set was present, and second because I love to wear it so much.

Styling this set can be puzzling, especially if you don't have strict, monochrome clothing in your wardrobe. Gothic jewelry has a magic power to attract all the attention to them, so it is best to keep the rest of the look simple, allowing the eyes to enjoy the beauty of the set. And for the makeup? I like wearing my set with a smokey eye look. And what about you?

Lots of love,