two women in swimsuits on a beach
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Summer is the perfect time to explore new places and take adventurous trips. The days are long and warm, the nights are hot and romantic and all we need to think about is what to bring for a summer vacation. To help you deal with this uneasy packing task I've decided to gather up a few essential vacation items and put them together in one summer wishlist.

• Blinding summer sun, salty ocean water, and exotic food can put our gentle facial skin through a lot of stress, causing annoying pimples and an oily appearance. Annoying blackheads never want to leave my enlarged pores, even when I'm on summer vacation, that's why I want to get this facial pore cleanser, that removes excess skin oil and blackheads. It is super tiny and won't take a lot of space in a travel bag.

• More and more travel essential gadgets need constant recharging, a portable little power bank will keep your phone, tablet, and camera awake and ready to record all your summer vacation memories

• Lipstick is everything I like to wear on the flight and to the beach. Most travelholics will agree with me that finding good and cheap lipstick is just as important as owning a dress transformer. Can't decide which color? You can never go wrong with a nude lip!

• The three eternal fashion questions: what is your concept of style, does perfect outfit exists and what to wear to the beach. Even the most experienced fashionistas find these questions challenging, especially the last one! When it comes to the beach outfit I prefer to follow these rules: comfortable, lightweight, and versatile. Find your ideal cheap dresses for long sunset beach walks and a floor-length stylish evening dress for a hot summer party.

• Getting dressed in summer isn't always easy, especially when you are in a tropical country when the weather during the day is hot and night is long and cold. Keep your feet warm and cozy with these adorable boots, you never know when you will feel chilly.

collage with 10 essentials for summer

• Beach dress, beach towel, light snack, a bottle of water, magazine, sunscreen sunglasses - all of these beach essentials will fit in one spacious tote bag!

• Who said we can sleep as long as we want on a summer vacation? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you need to wake up to consume it in time. A light alarm clock always comes in handy when you don't want to miss such an important event as a continental hotel breakfast. 

• Eyes need just as much sun protection as the skin but don't worry, you don't need to sacrifice your style in the name of health. I don't care what some style experts say, but this year I'm going for soft grunge round sunglasses and nobody can change my mind!

• Are you afraid to fly in an airplane? There is one effective remedy, that will help you to cope with aerophobia. Take a cute little squishy toy to the plane, it will relieve your stress and comfort you in a long airplane flight. I picked an adorable jumbo squishy peach, that reminds me of a sweet and squeeze marshmallow.

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